DRX Doran: "DWG is a team that can definitely beat us, but funnily enough, luck's always on our side."


On the 11th (KST), DragonX took on DAMWON Gaming in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-1, DRX managed to take the victory over DWG. As both teams were in contention for the first place in the standings, this series went full three games. Because of an overwhelming victory by DWG in game 2, it looked as if they would ride the momentum to take the series. However, DRX showed more focus in their teamfighting in game 3, and managed to win this battle of the titans.


Doran joined the press room at LoL Park for an interview to talk about the match.



This match decided who would be first in the standings. How does it feel to win today?


DWG’s form is in top shape these days, so while I was a bit nervous, I’m still glad that we won.

As you just said, DWG is playing very well these days, so what were some of their strengths and weaknesses that the team deduced?


We believed that their ‘upper half’ positions were really strong. That’s why we decided to let our top/mid do their own thing, while we focused to make plays on our bot lane.

In your last interview, you thanked Pyosik for ganking top lane a lot. Did he gank top lane a lot for you in this series?


Nuguri played uncharastically safe, so we couldn’t get an angle on a gank. Pyosik was there when necessary.

After the match, it looked as if Pyosik was crying. Did you see him cry?


I personally didn’t see him cry. He said it was just sweat (laughter).

In game 2, you played a core role in teamfighting on Kennen. Did you feel pressured at all?


Not really. I did think that I needed to do well, but I don’t think I lived up to my expectations.

On the flip side, in game 3, DWG put a lot of care in the top lane.


Our Aphelios was scaling well, so as long as I didn’t die in the side lanes, we felt like we were going to win. However, there were lots of flaws in my play, so I deserved to get hit a lot by Nuguri’s Camille.

DRX managed to beat DWG in every match that they played. Does the team have some sort of a secret recipe behind beating DWG?


Funnily enough, luck’s always on our side against DWG. They’re a team that can definitely beat us, so I’m not sure why we keep winning against them.

In your opinion, what’s the reason behind the loss against kt Rolster last match?


We made a lot of bad in-game calls, and I played terribly as well. After the loss, I reviewed nothing else but my own play. The team felt that Shyvana was a good pick, but after the game, we knew that we were definitely wrong. Our head coach, cvMax, gave me feedback on my item build, and I think he hit the mark.

Next match is against Hanwha Life Esports.


We lost to them once in the Spring split, so we won’t underestimate them.

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