[LCK Today] DRX manages to catch two birds with one stone by widening the gap between 3rd and 4th place and locks themselves in the playoffs


On the 4th (KST), Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring continued. APK Prince, SANDBOX Gaming, and DragonX each took victories in their respective series against KT Rolster, Hanwha Life Esports, and Gen.G.


In the match that many considered to be the main match between DRX and Gen.G, DRX was able to take the victory. Game 1 was all about Chovy’s Zoe. As he raked up many of the team’s kills early in the game, Chovy had a KDA of 13/0/2 and dominated the Summoner’s Rift. Game 2 was more even throughout the game, where it was the carry game between Chovy-Deft and Ruler receiving peel from his team. In the end, as two heads are better than one, DRX was able to take the victory from Gen.G.


With DRX’s victory today, they are now at 11 match wins, and not only were they able to solidify themselves at 3rd place, they were also able to widen the gap between themselves and the 4th place team, KT. Meanwhile, Gen.G dropped to 2nd place in the standings, and while 1000 LCK kills were just around the corner for the Mid laner of Gen.G, Bdd, he had to bide his time for that milestone. 


After APK won Game 1 against KT, they continued to strike while the iron was hot against KT. With tonight’s victory, APK extended their match win streak. Whether they were ahead or behind, their prowess to continue playing aggressively was a feat in itself as well.


Many predicted that the battle of the APK and KT’s Bot lane was the key point of the series, and this was very true. HyBriD and Aiming, the Bot laners for APK and KT respectively, were able to carry their teams to take a game each. In the end, HyBriD came out on top, and was even able to score a pentakill in Game 1 on Kai’Sa. Flawless was also a player that shined in the series, where not only was he able to provide the aid that the team needed to win on Trundle and Jarvan IV in Game 1 and 3 respectively, he was also named POG for Game 3 for his performance.


Meanwhile, in the second match of the series, SANDBOX was able to take the victory against HLE. This resulted in a switch in the standings between the two teams, as SB went up to 8th place, while HLE dropped to 9th. Results aside, there were interesting things to note about the series, which made the series didn’t seem like an LCK match. HLE was able to take Game 1 with a backdoor victory, while Route, the Bot laner for SB, was able to carry his team with Xayah in Game 2.



2020 LCK Spring Apr. 4th Results

APK Prince 2 : 1 KT Rolster


SANDBOX Gaming 2 : 1 Hanwha Life Esports


DragonX 2 : 0 Gen.G


2020 LCK Spring Standings


1st T1 12-2 (+16)

2nd Gen.G 12-3 (+17)

3rd DragonX 11-4 (+13)

4th KT Rolster 8-7 (-1)

5th DAMWON Gaming 7-7 (+1)

6th Afreeca Freecs 6-8 (-5)

7th APK Prince 5-9 (-7)

8th SANDBOX Gaming 5-10 (-7)

9th Hanwha Life Esports 4-10 (-11)

10th Griffin 2-12 (-16)

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