GEN Ruler: "I personally want my team to engage or initiate fights like the LPL teams... Their fights break out of nowhere."


In Gen.G Esports’ first match of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split, they defeated kt Rolster 2-1. Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk performed well and carried a major role in his team’s victory today. After the match, Ruler joined the media room for an interview and talked about today’s match, the bootcamp in China, and his goals.


How do you feel about today’s win?


We should have won Game 1 but we lost. We won the remaining games so that was fortunate.

What was the biggest mistake you guys made in Game 1?


There was a mistake around Shelly at about 8 minutes. Lee Sin was cut off and that was big. (So it’s all Clid’s fault?) Mostly, yes. (Laughs)

What did you think while watching Aiming play Aphelios in Game 1?


Not much. I thought that I was better while I was playing so it didn’t really matter.

How was the feedback from your head coach after Game 1?


The feedback was mostly about that since we’re better, we should reduce our mistakes. Also, he said that the opponent moves around altogether five as one but we played like we’re playing solo queue. That was mostly fixed in Game 2; I think that’s why our performance was better.

Game 3 was quite close. When were you convinced that you won?


After I finished building Infinity Edge as my second core item, I thought we would most likely win.

You were eliminated rather early in KeSPA Cup. This was the first official match since. Do you think the teamwork is good enough?


We were quite good during practice, but it got worse a bit. I was quite worried about the spring split, but the KeSPA Cup gave us a lot. I think we’ll improve over the season.

How was the bootcamp in China?


We scrimmed with many different teams. They all had their unique playstyles. We learned a lot there. Especially about engaging, initiating fights, and laning.

As you said, the LPL teams have their own styles. What style does Gen.G of 2020 pursue?


I personally want my team to engage or initiate fights like the LPL teams. Although it may not be our team goal, I wish we would do that. Their fights break out of nowhere; it was really interesting.

Does that mean if your teammates start fights, you’ll shoot them all from behind?


(Laughs) Yes. The upper half is strong in the recent meta.

Many fans say that they can’t tell Clid and Bdd apart.


I’m aware of that, but since Clid is less handsome and more chubby. You can tell them apart with a glance. (Laughs)

Any last comments?


We had a hard time in today’s win. We’ll try hard to bring up our synergy so that we can win games without making mistakes.

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    level 10 Genryou

    Thanks for saying it and noticing that, Ruler, the community usually doesn't even get any of the things that makes the LPL playstyle unique and different to other regions and they only want to credit one player for their success.

    And what Ruler mentioned, it's only one of the LPL characteristics.

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