[Guide] What is Fleeting in Legends of Runeterra?


There are many cards in Legends of Runeterra, and each have their own stats and effects to make them unique. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the card game genre, to learn all these effects. That’s why we’re dissecting all the keywords in a series of guides. In this one we’re taking a look at Fleeting.


The Fleeting keyword only appears on generated cards; you cannot add any cards with Fleeting directly to your deck. Fleeting cards exist only temporarily. You have to play a card with Fleeting in the same round it was generated. Once you and your opponent swap attack/defend roles, the Fleeting card disappears from your hand.


Fleeting is different from Ephemeral in a critical way. Ephemeral cards disappear from the board after combat or when the round ends, but stay in your hand forever. Fleeting cards stay on the board forever (provided they aren’t killed), but disappear from your hand at the end of the round. Some examples of Fleeting cards can be found below.


▲ The MK1: Wrenchbot is created by Heimerdinger’s passive ability. Whenever you cast a spell that costs one mana, and Heimerdinger is on the board, this Tech card is added to your hand. As part of Heimerdinger’s passive ability, the Tech card’s cost is then reduced to zero mana, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough mana to play it.


Super Mega Death Rocket! is the reward you get from level two Jinx, whenever you empty your hand for the first time during a round. The spell is incredibly powerful, providing Nexus damage and damage to the entire enemy board for just two mana. A downside is that it’s a Slow spell, so you can only cast it at the very end of the round. Jinx fits best in aggressive, low-cost decks though, so many times get get a Super Mega Death Rocket! in hand, you’ll have the mana to spend it.


▲ Another Fleeting spell is Final Spark, the card created by Lux whenever you have spent six or more mana in a turn. At just zero mana the spell is extremely cheap for the damage it does, but there’s a pay-off: given that it’s a Slow spel, Final Spark can only be cast outside of combat. So either you have to generate a Final Spark before any units enter fight mode, or wait until the very end of the round to cast it. With Overwhelm, Final Spark deals excess damage to the enemy Nexus.


Images via Riot Games.

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