Miss Fortune joins Legends of Runeterra in upcoming Rising Tides expansion

Image Source: Riot Games


The fifth and final champion arriving in Legends of Runeterra's Rising Tides expansion has been revealed. Riot Games is adding Miss Fortune, the dual gun wielding captain, to their card game as part of the new Bilgewater region. Alongside Miss Fortune, four new cards were revealed.


Miss Fortune is a cheap champion with a powerful Area of Effect (AoE) ability. Whenever allies attack she queues her Skill, Bullet Time. If allowed to go off, Bullet Time deals one damage to all enemies on the battlefield (not those on the back row), and the enemy Nexus. It's the perfect way to soften up the enemy board, and to take down small critters and critically wounded opposing units.


When you've attacked four times while Miss Fortune is on the board, she levels up. In her powered-up state she gains the Overwhelm keyword to deal more direct damage to the enemy Nexus. Additionally, her AoE ability is upgraded. Instead of dealing one wave of damage with Bullet Time, it now casts three times, dealing great damage to any enemy bold enough to face Miss Fortune.




Miss Fortune brings a few trusted cards with her on her adventure in Legends of Runeterra. The Crackshot Corsair is not the strongest unit, but has a clear goal: deal more damage to the enemy Nexus. Prowling Cutthroat can't be too proud of her raw stat line either, but makes up for it in different ways. By having both the Elusive and Fearsome keyword, she can sneak in damage on the enemy Nexus while making it very difficult for the opponent to block her.



A vastly more expensive and powerful unit is her vessel, The Syren. When played, it draws you Miss Fortune so you can reliably play her alongside the ship. All damage-dealing spells and skills deal one extra damage with The Syren on the board, allowing for huge bursts of damage. Lastly, Make it Rain is a simple card, but especially effective when the enemy has few units on board.


Legends of Runeterra's Rising Tides expansion launches on April 28. The full release of Legends of Runeterra on PC, iOS, and Android, follows shortly after on April 30.



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