Heroes of the Storm introduces the most-request hero in the game's history, Deathwing

                                                                                                                                     Photo: Blizzard Entertainment
▲ Deathwing is finally coming to the nexus.


The time has come. Just a little later than some (many) would have liked.


On Tuesday afternoon, the Heroes of the Storm social media team dropped, arguably, one of the most anticipated tweets in the game's history.


Soon after the game launched back in 2015, fans were spamming the development team with heroes they wanted to see and play with. Deckard Cain was mentioned, Mathael's name popped up on occasion, and his angel brethren Imperius was thrown around too. All of them were added to the nexus over time. Some faster than others.


However, as the years went by, there was one name that kept appearing in posts on Reddit, social media, and in the conversation surrounding the game...Deathwing. Fans held out hope that the next hero would be The Destroyer but, patch after patch, year after year, he was passed by.


Well, now it's his time to shine and reign down destruction from above.




Deathwing's full kit is expected to be revealed and discussed in-depth on a live stream that is set to take place early on Tuesday afternoon.


▲ Members of the Heroes of the Storm development team discuss Deathwing.


According to the Heroes of the Storm team, Deathwing will be able to be played at their annual BlizzCon convention taking place next weekend. The Worldbreaker, Aspect of Death, and The Dark One is here and the playerbase couldn't be more ready.

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