GEN Rich: "When I was playing Heroes of the Storm, I’ve never gotten this much attention, so it’s really awkward for me."

Lee “Rich” Jae-won participated in the profile photo shoot for the 2019 LCK Summer Split. Not as well known to the League of Legends fans, Rich was recognized as the best ever player in the professional Heroes of the Storm scene. Now that he has joined Gen.G Esports’ LoL team, we talked to him briefly about transitioning to League of Legends and other things that we were curious about him.


You’ve come into the League of Legends scene. How do you feel?

When I was playing Heroes of the Storm, I’ve never gotten this much attention, so it’s really awkward for me. I’ll be doing my best.

What made you transition to LoL?

After the competitions for Heroes of the Storm disappeared, I thought a lot about what to do. Among the MOBA games, the LoL scene was the most popular, and I was quite good at it too. So that’s what made me take the challenge.

You started as an academy player.

My initial plan was to learn the fundamentals of the game as an academy player for about a year. While I was there, I played some scrims with the first string and apparently, our head coach had a good impression from me, so I was able to join the main roster.

There are two more mid laners other than you in the team. Does that competition give you pressure?

In my opinion, it’s rather good for me because there are two more mid laners. It means that there are two people that I can learn from. I think it’s a good environment for me.

As a Gen.G Esports Heroes of the Storm player, you’ve experienced many championships and returned to Gen.G again, this time as a LoL player.

When I first came back to Gen.G, all the people welcomed me back. I’ll be forgetting my past as a Heroes of the Storm player. I’ll be thankful if all fans see me as a rookie, a player that’s doing his best as a newbie to the scene.

Did you see your own competitiveness while you scrimmed?

I did. And I also thought that I could improve a lot more. There are many things lacking in my current prowess.

Why mid laner?

At first, I started in the jungle, but the win rate was too low. After jungle, I tried top, and I met my limit at around Master tier. After I changed to mid lane, it felt that I had initiative over the game, and I was able to hit Challenger without much trouble.

You were the best player in Heroes of the Storm. What’s your goal in LoL?

I know that many people have high expectations for me. However, I’m not aiming that high yet. I’ll be doing my best looking only forward.

What’s your favorite champion?

I enjoy playing aggressive melee champions like Sylas, Akali, or Irelia. I think that’s one of the reasons our head coach called me up to the main roster.

Any last comments to the fans?

I’m not yet that good, but I’m thankful for all the attention and support you’re giving me. I’ll do my best to keep up to your expectations. Thank you.

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