Upcoming Clash Royale card teased



▲ Is the newest Clash Royale teaser the upcoming Earthquake spell?


Early this morning, Supercell, the company behind global phenomenons Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars and Clash Royale, teased an upcoming piece of content coming to the latter title in an expected April update.


Players were treated to a simple image in-game of what appears to be a vial with a cork sealing the contents. On Clash Royale’s official Instagram page, they captioned the same photo with emojis of the earth and explosions surrounding it.



Although vague, long-time Clash of Clans players quickly identified the contents of the vial, decoded the secret message and came to the conclusion that the teaser image was likely an upcoming spell being added to the game: Earthquake.


What does Earthquake do in CoC?


For those who are not familiar with Earthquake’s role in Clash of Clans, the spell was used to do what an actual earthquake does, level structures. For a moderate elixir cost, players could drop the Earthquake spell on opposing buildings, causing a wide area of effect damage, and allowed troops to do the rest of the work clearing walls and structures.


A common strategy within Clash of Clans that is not currently possible due to Clash Royale’s card cycling mechanic is to play numerous Earthquake spells at once, stacking their damage and flattening a wide area. One thing to note is that Earthquake deals percentage damage proportional to a building’s current health.



Currently, the closest thing in the game to a potential Earthquake spell is Poison which deals slow ticking damage to all minions and buildings in an area. It will be interesting to see how the Clash Royale team implements this in their game to differentiate it from Poison while also having the same feel as it does in Clash of Clans.


With the April update coming in the next week or so, players will have a new destructive toy to play with if this earth-bending spell tease is the real deal.


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