BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony reveals a hero born from the Nexus: Orphea

After an emotional highlight reel showing off the decades of Blizzard esports and memories (and Mike Morhaime visually passing the torch to J. Allen Brack), the opening ceremony got straight to the most fun and anticipated part of the presentation.

The reveals!

"Orphea is a young girl traveling within the Nexus. She's seemingly no more than a child, and yet possesses enough magical power to utterly annihilate her pursuers with the help of Deckard Cain."

Heroes of the Storm revealed a brand new hero unique to the Nexus -- Orphea.  Unlike the rest of the Heroes of the storm cast, Orphea isn't from a classic Blizzard IP. She appears to be the Raven Lord's daughter and channels an anime aesthetic in line with Heroes of the Storm's high fantasy "anything goes" setting.

"I'll never stop fighting, for my family, for the realm, for the Nexus!"

The second most hype moment during the presentation was the reveal Janitor Leoric! This skin has been one of the most requested skins ever -- it first started off as a fan-made skin and now, it is finally in the game.

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