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Junkrat spotlight video and PTR patch notes released today




Today, the Junkrat spotlight was revealed, including the expansive PTR patch notes that will make up the "Junkrat patch." Junkrat is a ranged assassin that specializes in disruption, poke damage and causing chaos around the battlefield. His fragility and inability to focus fire reliably on targets are comparable to Chromie, but to make up for it he has plenty of mobility options.

Some of the more interesting talents showcased in the spotlight is an upgrade to Junkrat's Steel Trap that causing it to chase opponents slowly. The zoning potential seems like an ideal counter to hypermobile heroes, especially when paired with his large displacement options.

On the PTR side, some notable patch notes include:

- Zuljin talent revamp -- baseline quest added at level 1.
- Muradin talent revamp -- baseline quest added at level 1.
- Genji Dragon Blade level 20 talent nerf.
- Lunara Wisp buff.
- Lt. Morales nerfs.
- D.Va buffs.


Some players may release an audible groan upon hearing that yet another Overwatch hero is capable of spamming abilities while moving, but Junkrat's unique bouncing shots and lack of true "attack while moving" auto-attack doesn't seem as oppressive as the sustained chase DPS someone like Genji or Tracer brings to the game. 

The PTR is currently available for download and Junkrat and the new talents can be tested today.


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