All about Champions in Axie Champions


How to Acquire Champions


Champions can be obtained from Champion Capsules, which are available through various channels such as the store.


- Daily Attendance Rewards

- Purchase with CUBEs from the store

- Receive free capsules and ad capsules from the store

- Complete daily and weekly missions

- Battle Pass


4 Types of Parts and Roles


Champions are composed of four parts: body, arms, legs, and accessories.


Parts are randomly determined upon acquiring a champion.


Body: Champion's attribute

Arms: Champion's skills

Legs, Accessories: Champion's stats


Affinities, Advantage, Axie Riding


Champions have one of three affinities: circle, triangle, or square, depending on their body.


The three affinities have a rock-paper-scissors relationship with each other, causing a 30% damage increase or decrease depending on the type advantage.


Axies NFTs are divided into nine classes, each with designated affinities..


Axies with matching affinities can ride champions, gaining a bonus to their stats.



Leveling Up and Fusion


You can increase a champion's level using gold.


As the level increases, all of the champion's stats are enhanced.


There's a chance to fail an upgrade, but you can increase the success rate by using a certain amount of Flames.


You can obtain a new champion by fusing two champions of the same grade (★) and maximum level.


The parts of the new champion are randomly selected from the parts of the material champions.


If the body or arms of the two material champions are the same, you can obtain a champion with the desired affinity or skill.


Fusion requires a certain amount of Fusion Cores and gold.



Skill Enhancement


You can enhance a champion's skill by using champions with the same skill (arms) as materials.


Enhancing a skill strengthens its damage or additional effects.


Skill enhancement requires a certain amount of CUBEs and gold.


Unused Champions


Unused champions can be utilized in three ways.


By scrapping a champion, you can obtain capsule pieces and fusion core pieces.


The grade of capsule pieces obtained varies depending on the grade of the scrapped champion.


When you collect 100 capsule pieces, you can create a complete champion capsule to obtain a new champion.


You can also sacrifice unused champions at the Altar of Death to enhance critical damage.


The higher the grade of the sacrificed champion, the more the critical damage is increased.


In the Codex, you can fill out a dismantling catalog for unused champions by part.


When the catalog is complete, the entire team gains additional stats.





Champions lose 1 energy each time they participate in battle.


Champions with depleted energy cannot participate in battles, and their energy must be full for synthesis.


Energy is replenished daily at 09:00 (UTC), and you can also recharge it by watching ads or using CUBEs.



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