Here are the top 5 most sold Championship skins

Since 2012, Riot Games have released the Championship skin series to commemorate their World Championship tournament. It all started with Championship Riven, and since then, there have been a total of 10 Championship skins so far, with the ‘Worlds 2022 Azir’ skin being the 11th and the latest in the Championship skinline.


In terms of the color aesthetics, the Azir skin is decorated in the symbolic Worlds blue. However, this skin is very reminiscent of the Mecha skin series. The helmet and the body armor that encases Azir makes him look just like a robot, and the opinion on its aesthetics is divided in the community. However, the community was mostly in consensus of its high quality. 


So, out of the 10 Championship skins released, which one sold the most? The personal favorite out of the 10 was Championship Riven; Championship Ashe and Thresh also stood out among the rest. In order to find out, Inven contacted Riot Games with this question, and we were able to hear an official answer from them.


Now, older Championship skins will obviously have sold more than the newer ones. In order to fairly gauge which skins sold the most, we decided to see which skins sold the most in 14 days after its release. On a side note, 25% of all skin sale revenue went into the Worlds prize pool each year since 2016.


As many expected, the Championship skin that sold the most was Championship Riven. First released in 2012, it was the very first Championship skin that was ever released. As such, it received a lot of attention from the community. At the time, it also became popular not only for its in-game effects, but also for its rarity. It was re-released in 2016; the sales revenue from the re-release alone beat all the other skins’ respective revenues.


2016’s Championship Zed, 2017’s Ashe, 2018’s Kha’Zix, and 2021’s Jarvan IV’s skins were ranked from 2nd to 5th respectively. In terms of the 2016 skin, a total of 2,300,000,000 KRW [roughly 1,604,577.29 USD via current exchange rate] were crowdfunded into that year’s Worlds prize pool. While this number also includes the revenue from the Championship Skin sales, the Championship Zed received a lot of love from the community that year.

#5. Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV
#4 Championship Kha'Zix [2018]
#3 Championship Ashe [2017]
#2. Championship Zed [2016]
#1. Championship Riven [2012 / 2016 re-release]

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