Wisdom Media, HeroesHearth announce North American Heroes of the Storm league

▲ HeroesHearth is looking to revitalize the Heroes of the Storm esports circuit. 
Image source: Blizzard Entertainment


Nearly two years after Activison Blizzard made the decision to effectively end the Heroes of the Storm esports circuit with the cancelation of the Heroes Global Championship (HGC), one of the largest organizations in the world still supporting the title is stepping in to revitalize the scene.


HeroesHearth, whose parent company is Wisdom Gaming Group, revealed on Tuesday evening that they are putting together a competitive league featuring the best of the best within the North American region.

In a statement released by Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen, one of the largest content creators in the history of the title and a current member of Wisdom Media, the following details were provided:

- The upcoming league is focused on the North American region (Europe could come at a later date)
- Players in the Grand Master and Master ranks are welcome
- The league is kicking off in the winter
- The first season will be 12 weeks long
- There will be two broadcasts each week with two best-of-five matches streamed each broadcast
- The rosters will be selected in a live draft format, similar to that of professional sports where players are selected out of a pool of participants by organizations
- A larger info dump will be coming next Tuesday, August 18th



First teased back in June by Wisdom Media Director, Ian Anderson, the project has been in the works for years. In the past six months, Heroes of the Storm's popularity has begun to pick back up as viewership is up an estimated 25% from the previous six, according to sullygnome. Part of the jump can be attributed to former professional players and content creators returning to the title and broadcasting their gameplay on Twitch to eyeballs old and new.


More information will be shared in the coming week regarding the league as it is provided.

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