Hearthstone community makes card art changes of their own



                                                                                                                                         Image courtesy of r/hearthstone
▲ Lord Jaraxxus was showing a bit too much skin.


On Monday afternoon, the Hearthstone development team revealed the upcoming expansion titled Saviors of Uldum to the community. Alongside the announcement was a patch that went live and included the new cards being rotated into the Classic set. An unexpected change that took place was the alteration of art and names for eight cards that had blood and suggestive imagery in them.



The Hearthstone team has done this in the past, most famously to Jaina Proudmoore's hero portrait. When the news broke that the game was slowly but surely removing any blood or nudity from the game, Hearthstone's subReddit community (r/hearthstone) went to work finishing the job for the rest of the card collection.


The submissions



More pieces of art are flooding the subReddit as the hour's pass as the community just wants to help Blizzard provide a more family-friendly environment while also poking fun at the game they love.


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