[Guide] Top 10 Heroes in Hearthstone Battlegrounds in 22.0 Patch


Hearthstone Battlegrounds 22.0.2 Patch was the last minor update before a major change coming in the next 22.2 patch. From 22.0 and 22.2 patch, Diablo was removed and Scabbs Cutterbutter was introduced. Sneed and Tamsin received balance patches and the armor tier has been adjusted for several heroes. Lastly, two tier 4 minions — Prized Promo-Drake and Dazzling Lightspawn — got stat nerfs.


Let's check out how 2021 will end in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.


This guide is based on HSReplay.net's Battlegrounds Tier 7 feature. The data presented in this article is based on the Top 5% (8,300+) MMR and updated as of December 26.


Tier 1

Source: HSReplay.net Battlegrounds Tier 7 Premium feature


1. Malygos


This might be a sign that the armor system is working as intended. Malygos, which was considered a worse version of Captain Hooktusk, is now on the top of the tier list. As the meta is leaning towards staying on tier 1 to discover avenge minions, Malygos’ hero power is showing finally on it’s full potential. In the best case scenarios, Malygos could even be a better Captain Hooktusk since his hero power can be used twice per turn.


A thing to note is that the average placement for Malygos is 4.11. If the average placement of the best hero is higher than four, it means that heroes are well balanced. Props to Blizzard for coming up with the armor system.


2. George the Fallen


Classic hero George the Fallen is finally unleashing his potential. As Quilboars becomes stronger, George gets stronger, too. Gemsplitter and Groundshaker allows George’s hero power to be a lot more powerful. Especially, Gemsplitter makes George’s hero power to be a great tempo and value on any minion. Blood Gems can be played on Groundshaker, Aggem Thorncurse, or even Bristleback Brute. 


Unstable Ghoul is still a weakness, but it is not as critical as before. Quilboar synergies are strong enough to let George win even if he faces Unstable Ghouls.


3. Captain Hooktusk


Captain Hooktusk is as great as always. Although she is now in third place, it’s not a significant difference compared to Malygos (4.11 vs 4.14).


Captain Hooktusk has been doing the same thing for three months now. Search for tier 1 pairs and triples, cheat golds with the hero power, and search for tier 4 avenge minions to win.


4. Dancin' Deryl


Hooktusk and Deryl seem to get along well. Once again, they are together in the tier list. Ironically, Hooktusk and Deryl have very opposing styles of gameplay.


Read our Dancin' Deryl guide here to learn about how to play Deryl in the current meta.






Tier 2

Source: HSReplay.net Battlegrounds Tier 7 Premium feature


5. Xyrella


Xyrella is still in love with the current meta, and her performance is only getting better. As more players are going for tier 1 strategy, Xyrella’s hero power is becoming more valuable.


She is good in any meta and any kind of bans, but even better these days.


6. Maiev Shadowsong


Even after taking several nerfs, Maiev Shadowsong is back to the top. Maiev stays on tier 1 like most of the other heroes, but she looks for tier 5 and 6 discovers. She is taking a similar path but takes a different result, which gives her merit in the meta.


Read our Maiev Shadowsong guide here to learn about how to play Maiev Shadowsong in her current form.





7. Cookie the Cook


Cookie the Cook is a decent hero as always. As we've explained in the previous guide, Cookie is a better version of Ironforge Galewing. Cookie can also go for a tier 1 strategy like everyone else and still take advantage of the hero power.





8. Scabbs Cutterbutter


Scabbs Cutterbutter is a new hero introduced in Patch 22.0. He was the #1 hero when he was first introduced but now at tier 2 because he lost his armor in Patch 22.0.2. His play style is very similar to Xyrella.


Read our Scabbs Cutterbutter guide here to learn about how to play Maiev Shadowsong in her current form.





9. Lord Barov


Barov always favored not upgrading tavern tier on turn 2 because of his hero power, which fits well in the current meta. The better part is that the “normal curve” game play happens very rarely and most of the players take their own unique path utilizing their hero power. It’s easier for Barov to guess the gambles correctly.


This is very important because winning the gamble is a lot more important in the first few turns compared to the later turns. Getting 3 coins every turn in the beginning can snowball into an unbeatable force.


10. The Great Akazamzarak


The Great Akazamzarak takes the last spot in top 10, similarly to how he takes top 4s with Ice Block. As long as Ice Block exists, Akazamzarak will be a decent tier 2 hero.


This sums up the last Battlegrounds top 10 hero guide for 2021. A new major Battlegrounds patch will be coming in January!



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