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GEN Peanut on reaching 3,000 days as a pro player: "I'm happy whenever we win."



In the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, Gen.G faced T1 in the 2nd round winner’s bracket. Although Gen.G defeated T1 in the LCK finals, they weren’t able to beat them a second time as they lost 2-3. Gen.G had a good comeback by winning games 3 and 4 after losing games 1 and 2, but they fell at the last moment at a teamfight. After the match, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho joined Inven for an interview.



You would be determined to win again in the second playoffs matchup with T1 like you did in the LCK. How is it? How were games 4 and 5?


The result can be different depending on each of our conditions or how the strategies we prepared match up. Games 1 through 3 weren’t easy today, but as we turned the game around in game 3, the momentum continued to game 4, and I think that’s when our true performance showed. On the other hand, the composition we predicted didn’t come out. The last teamfight ended fruitlessly, so it’s regretful.


According to Faker, all the champions were decided in game 5, but they pretended to swap to make you confused. Did you know?


We already predicted where they were headed, and even if they did swap, we were going to just change the runes a bit.


Game 5 was close until the mid lane teamfight. How were the shotcalls at the teamfight?


We discussed how to initiate. We talked about how we could start a fight with Alistar’s flash+W+Q combo, but we weren’t organized, so we weren’t able to respond to it. The situation was hectic, and since it was game 5, we got confused and started a fight. Personally, I don’t think it was a bad engage, but since it was sudden, we kind of went in head over heels, and that’s why we lost.


What was the biggest difference today from the LCK finals?


The meta slightly changed, and aside from that, it felt that T1 interpreted the tiers better than they did in the finals. We trailed through the best-of series this time, and in games 3 and 4, we had a good idea about the champions, so we were able to take it to game 5.


Congrats on passing the 3,000th day as a pro player. What was the happiest moment and the most regretful moment?


I'm happy whenever we win, and I was the happiest when we won the championship. On the other hand, the most regretful moments were when I didn’t play well and the ones we lost. As for the moment, that last loss in game 5 is the most regretful.


How do you think JDG vs. BLG will go?

(Note: This interview was conducted before the JD Gaming vs. Bilibili Gaming match)


I’ve seen JDG vs. BLG so many times since their playoffs. It’s never been one-sided, and they’re quite close. We’ll have to see how their conditions are, but since JDG always won, I think they’ll win this time too.


What decided the outcome of today’s match?


I believe the decider was the little details. In game 1, I think we dealt perfectly with the dives with Sion. I thought that they overextended, but the outcome wasn’t as good, so we started off disadvantaged. In game 2, we were shaken up too much. Especially, at the second Rift Herald, we thought they were going for the bottom turret, so we didn’t think enough about the Herald. As a result, the bottom turret was drained, and they took the Herald as well. As for Game 5, the composition went differently from what we thought, and the first bottom dive was more effective than we thought. The game was alright, but we lost because we weren’t calm enough at that last teamfight.

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