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Ludwig announces the Scuffed World Tour following Panda and Nintendo statements



Source: Mogul Mail

While the past week has no doubt been distressing for the competitive Super Smash Bros. community, popular streamer and YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren is doing his best to bring some positivity. After the shocking announcement that the Smash World Tour would be cancelled — news that has received massive coverage from the greater gaming community — the circuit's organizer VGBootCamp revealed that their future was uncertain


Seeking to help VGBootCamp, Ludwig — a longtime member and supporter of the Smash scene — has announced one-day invitational meant to support the company. The "Scuffed World Tour" will feature the eight highest placing SWT competitors, with the goal of raising money for VGBootCamp. In the Tweet, Ludwig stated it was in light of Panda and Nintendo's "lackluster response".



The tournament will feature eight players each for Melee and Ultimate respectively. In a follow-up tweet, Ludwig went on to explain that he will be providing a $50,000 prize pool for the event and that if anyone was unable to attend, they would fly out the next highest point earner. 


The news comes after Panda responded to accusations of trying to cancel the Smash World Tour — a response many community members (including employees of Panda) deemed insufficient in explaining the company's actions. At the time of this article's publication, there has been no follow-up response from the Smash World Tour team regarding Panda's statement.


The Scuffed World Tour will not be the first time that the OFFBRAND and Mogul Moves founder has hosted a competitive Smash event. Most recently, he held an invitational tournament, and has plans to host the largest Smash event in history

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