Ludwig, MoistCritikal, and Philip DeFranco weigh in on Smash World Tour cancellation

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The cancellation of the Smash World Tour and uncertain future of VGBootCamp have sent shockwaves throughout the gaming community. Though many have publicly decried those accused of harming the Smash scene — developer Nintendo and esports organization Panda — others in the community have suggested figuring out a way to undo the Smash World Tour's cancellation as a better priority. 



Public pressure has caused game companies to reverse unpopular decisions in the past — the most famous example in the Smash community being when Nintendo granted broadcasting rights for EVO 2013. Though there have been several cases of the Smash community harming the Smash community since then, most of them did not gain much attention outside the endemic scene. 


However, the Smash World Tour's appears to be different. In the single day since it was announced, the news has already become one of the biggest Smash stories in history. In addition to being the main talking point of the community on public discussion outlets such as Twitter and Reddit, the story has drawn attention from both larger communities and public figures. In addition to being one of the top posts on popular subreddit LivestreamFails, the news has also been covered by popular figures such as Ludwig Ahgren, Charles "MoistCr1TiKaL" White, and Philip DeFranco — each of them offering different points and insight.  


In all three cases, the creators slammed the actions of those involved with the decision at Panda and Nintendo, and offered support for the Smash World Tour and VGBootCamp. Ludwig — a longtime member of the franchise's community — stated the news "might mean the end of the Smash scene as we know it." He went on to express worry about what the decision could mean for his plans to host the largest Smash tournament ever.

MoistCr1TiKaL — a YouTuber and streamer that frequently covers drama in the gaming community — also expressed disgust for Nintendo's decision. He also criticized Nintendo's lack of communication, and gave insight into how the cancellation negatively impacts esports organizations such as his own, Moist Esports. "Our players, for example, already had flights ready for Smash World tour," MoistCr1TiKaL explained. "Everyone was fully in. Everyone thought it was still happening." The video reached #1 trending on YouTube's Gaming category. 

The news has also attracted the attention of figures outside of the gaming scene. Philip DeFranco — one of the largest news channels on YouTube — also covered the story. While his coverage didn't have the first-hand experience of the former two, it still illustrates how far the story has already reached. 

There still has been no official response from any representative of Panda, while Nintendo has provided no clear response other than a cryptic response that the Smash World Tour representative's quickly rebuked

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