HSEL Fall Majors Tournament Kick Off

This is the full text of HSEL's 9/04/2018 press release.


Good Afternoon reader!

A new season of esports is on the horizon! It’s time to get your rosters lined up and registered for the 2018 Fall Major.

To Register for this season, Login and follow this handy guide.

To learn more about our schedule, new games, and season pricing model, keep scrolling!

Scheduling and Key Dates

Due to scheduling concerns, Preseason will be reduced to one week.

9/21: Last day to register for the Preseason

9/24 - 9/28: Preseason - You don’t have to play, but your team will be seeded if you do

9/28: Last day to sign up for the 2018 Fall Major!

Games and Competitive Schedule

- We’ll be offering 9 games for the 2018 Fall Major based off of last season’s popularity

- Each game will have a dedicated competition day. 

- We’re excited to add Dragon Ball FighterZ to the list of games

For more information about games and schedule, click here

Introducing Season Passes

- We’re changing our monthly subscription to seasonal passes for each event.

- If you’d like to keep your subscription, you may, but all current subscriptions will be increased to $10 a month on Friday, 9/7 at 11:59 CST to reflect this change.

- For each season, admins purchase “Seats” to register for the game of their choice. 

- Seats are available solo, or in Team (7), Club (20), and School (Unlimited) passes

- Team, Club, and School pass prices will be discounted

- 10% of the total cost from each pass will go into the scholarship prize pool for the tournament of the registered team, so the more schools that sign up for a game, the bigger the scholarship prize!

We’re finalizing this change in our system and will update you with a full pricing list and guides for the new registration process on Friday, 9/7.

If you have questions about these changes or want to chat, we look forward to hearing from you:

- Discord - Tag anyone with "HSEL" in their name

- partner@highschoolesportsleague.com

- Prefer to chat? Give us a call: 816-287-1962

We look forward to having you compete with us!



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