Overwatched: Spotlight of Glendora’s Top Tier Teammate - "Dantwist"

Looking at all players is difficult because you have to choose just one for the spotlight. Dantwist is who I found most impressive. The game he plays to get into the spotlight is Overwatch. Now for those who don’t know Overwatch, it is a multiplier online game when 2 teams of 6 are placed against each other. Overwatch was created by Blizzard Entertainment and became an esports game for teams to compete to win either money or scholarships.

Dantwist is part of Glendora High School Overwatch team. He started playing when Overwatch first came out until April or May 2017. His rank was in Top 500 in every season. You might be asking who is his main characters are. His mains are Soldier: 76, McCree, Tracer, and Widowmaker. In total, Dantwist has logged over 1,000 hours. He has put 226 hours into McCree main and 185 hours into Soldier 76, which he plays in scrims. He also has about 980 logged hours and an unknown number of additional hours due to a patch, which the patch for some reason didn’t count scrims for his hours. “I've been playing McCree and Soldier:76 since the game's release during competitive and scrims. I have about 226 hours on McCree and 185 hours on Soldier:76. In total, I would say I've spent about 1000 hours in the game.”

Team members each have a role to be part of their team, each role is important. Even if the player is the defender or shot caller, they are still part of that team playing an important role. Dantwist's roles are DPS, coach, and shot caller. “I think that with productive and consistent practice we can become the best team in the league. Dantwist explains on his feelings on his team. Dantwist was asked if he had any tips for other Overwatch players, he said, “ It is important for high ground. Being at a high level. Have your team kind of spread out. The people on the high ground are easily overlooked.’ He also gave this tip, " If anyone wants to get into the competitive scene, it's much easier than you might think. The COW Discord is a good place to start for beginners, and I would start looking for a team once you reach around Masters rank.”

Dantwist still plans on being in competitive gaming, but he plans on moving to college. He plans ongoing to a technical college for 2 years, then transfers to a UC to study engineering. When I asked, “Would you ever plan on going back to your old high school and maybe coach the new incoming team?” He states, “ The thing with coaching high school players is that not all of the players are going to have the same experience or drive to improve. I'm used to playing with and learning/helping high elo players. I personally don't want to teach the very basics of the game like positioning, rotations, and teamcomps to a team of players that might not put in enough time to really take it all in.”

Now we all have things that we think that we could improve on; even Dantwist has things he wants to improve on. “ I think that positioning is something that I can improve on, it's one of the most important aspects of the game since every role has to get good at it. Having good positioning is definitely one of the biggest differences between a good and a bad player, or even a good and an amazing player. The combination of rotations and initial holds really make it one of the most complex parts of the game.”

You can see Dantwist in action at http://www.twitch.tv/dantwist. Maybe stop by and say ‘Hi’ or even ask for his opinion or ask for advice for your team. Keep on gaming gamers.

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