Global Top Round 2023 Conference Captured Through Photos


GTR, operating under GXC, successfully organized the 'GTR Conference' in Malta from November 28th to 30th, spanning three days. This marks the 9th iteration of the GTR Conference, which had its inaugural event in Hawaii in 2015, with subsequent conferences in Cologne, Melbourne, Busan, Singapore, and Sweden.


Introductions to G.Round and the GTR Acceleration Program took place at the conference venue. A total of 20 selected startup development companies and publisher representatives gathered to pitch, ultimately selecting the final 10 developers to participate in investments and the accelerator program. Also, each development company had a showroom where attendees could directly play the games they worked on.


A spokesperson from the GTR Conference expressed satisfaction, stating, "We are delighted to successfully conclude the GTR event in the beautiful island nation of Malta. Describing the Global Top Round in a single sentence, it is a platform supporting promising studios by discovering and selecting them, fostering close networking with publishers and investors." They also conveyed anticipation for future experiences and opportunities based on the strong connections formed, including those with South Korea.

▲ Networking time with coffee before the event starts.
▲ The commencement of the GTR Conference.
▲ Welcoming remarks from 'Gaming Malta,' the gaming authority of the host country Malta.
▲ Introduction to the GTR program.
▲ Explanation of the game testing platform G.Round.
▲ 2bytes, recently partnering with G-Round, continued with their presentation.
▲ Seven publishers had the opportunity to introduce themselves on stage.
▲ Emphasizing the importance of honest and dynamic communication between developers and publishers.

▲ Five investors took the stage to discuss investments in the gaming industry.

▲ A quiz show for attendees took place as the final event on the first day.
▲ Trophies were awarded from first to third place.
▲ Twenty game development companies took the stage to introduce their games.
▲ Some shared the inspiration behind their works during development.
▲ Displaying concept art for their characters.
▲ Explaining the design process for monsters.
▲ Some developers highlighted how their game's attributes change based on weapon combinations.
▲ The setup of the venue changed on the second day for game demonstrations.
▲ Before the demonstrations, lawyers from Lee & Thomson discussed games and the law.
▲ Attendees could play demo versions of the games from participating development companies at each table.
▲ Vigorous conversations between publishers and development companies took place.

▲ Game demonstrations and business discussions continued for approximately three hours.

▲ The final studios, discussing participation in investment and accelerator programs, were selected as the last event of the conference.
▲ The GTR Conference concluded successfully.

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