JDG wins MSI 2023, knight named finals MVP


The 2023 Mid-Season Invitational has come to an end. While the finals ended up being a civil war between the two LPL teams, as the final team from another region was eliminated the day before, JD Gaming (JDG) defeated Bilibili Gaming (BLG) 3-1. BLG had a good run, but they failed to have revenge again.


JDG started off with a win in game 1. As the two teams knew each other well, they gave and took blows that were anticipated by each other, but it was JDG who took the blows well and gave harder shots. In game 2, BLG pulled even as their Jinx got multiple kills early in the game. They controlled the dragons better and stormed through the top lane for the win. The remaining two games were taken over easily by JDG, as they won game 3 in 24 minutes, and game 4 in just over 22 minutes. 


Among the players, one player truly shined — JDG mid laner Zhuo “knight” Ding showed a phenomenal performance throughout the series and was voted as the finals MVP. It was triple the joy for knight, as not only did he win the MSI championship and was awarded the MVP, the next day was his birthday. He said, “It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’m so happy that so many fans came to cheer for us and congratulate us. Thank you everyone.”


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