AVATARA, the MMORPG that will continue its legendary success in Southeast Asia


Developed and published by NX3 GAMES


AVATARA is an RPG game that succeeded and improved the systems of Rohan M, which was widely successful in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, etc. As there weren’t that many MMORPG games in gamefi, Avatara caught much attention even before it was published. Since its launch on Jan. 16, there have been eight Asia servers and four Western servers.


Play & Earn

TARA → TARA Token → NOX Token → KLAY Coin → Exchange


TARA, which can be earned by mining, is the most basic resource. You can mine up to 1,000 TARA per day by farming monsters in the PvP area. TARA Tokens are tokens that can be used in the NOX Wallet. They can be earned by mining on the web with an avatar you’re not using, and they can be used to purchase avatar summon tickets. They are also the middle token that can be traded into TARA in the game or NOX Tokens in NOX Wallet. You can cash your tokens by exchanging NOX Tokens for KLAY tokens, then sending the KLAY tokens to the exchange to sell.


* TARA: Basic resource that can be traded into TARA tokens

* TARA Token: The middle token that can be traded for TARA or NOX tokens

NFT & Mining

Farming monsters in the PvP area after purchasing Avatar(s), Auto-mining on web


To mine, you must mint an Avatar (NFT) with a summon ticket which can be purchased with NOX tokens. Avatars have seven grades — normal, uncommon, rare, hero, ancient, legend, and myth. Depending on the number of avatars and grade, the amount of TARA and TARA tokens you can mine differs. The highest grade avatar you can gain through minting with tickets is legend. Myth avatars can only be gained by synthesizing two legend grade avatars. Currently, the probability of synthesizing avatars hasn’t been revealed.


NFT Avatar summon probabilities:

Uncommon 60%, Rare 30%, Hero 9.4%, Ancient 0.55%, Legend 0.05%


▲ To mint an avatar, you have to purchase NORMAL TICKETs from the official homepage

1. Farming PVP area monsters: Mining TARA


You can mine TARA by farming monsters in PvP areas. Basically, you can mine 1,000 TARA, and depending on the grade and number of avatars you have, the amount of TARA you can mine increases. If you equip an Emblem (In-app purchase), the amount of TARA per mining increases.



2. Web mining: TARA token mining


You can send an avatar that you don’t use to the homepage to mine on the web. There are two mining slots at default, and extra slots can be opened depending on how many times you purchased avatar summon tickets with NOX tokens. You can mine both online and offline by sending your equipped avatar to the homepage when you finish playing the game and vice-versa when you want to play the game.


2023 Roadmap

Introducing Castle battle and multi chain support


2023 Q1



- Web App minting & mining

- In-game NFT trade

- Token swap


2023 Q2


- Castle battle update

- Market listing


2023 Q3


- Wallet & Web V3

- New growth system update

- Multi chain support

General Review

An MMORPG with diverse content and growth based on a virtuous cycle of token structure


As MMORPGs are rare in the gamefi market, AVATARA has drawn much attention since its launch, and it has high quality to keep up with the expectations. The game system is a bit complex, but once you get used to it, smooth growth and fun follow. The developer has successfully launched Rohan M before, so there are high expectations for the following updates.


However, it relies much on avatars, which are NFT products. Aside from mining, the attributes of avatars, such as attack speed, HP increase, etc., affect the game balance much. This almost forces the users to gain at least an Hero-grade avatar. Also, they could feel that having to purchase emblems through in-app purchases is a burden.


Overall, the game is high quality and fun, but the initial investment cost could be considered too expensive. Also, the value of NOX tokens isn’t yet stabilized, so it would be difficult to monetize from the game.



AVATARA - Communities


Website : https://avatara.online/

White Paper : https://avatara.gitbook.io/avatara/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Avatara_main

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/Rzxqb4Kpgt

Telegram : https://t.me/Avatara_main

Medium : https://medium.com/avatara-main

Inven GameFi : https://gamefi.inven.co.kr/en/gameinfo/563

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