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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a standalone mini-game sibling of the widely popular The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. There are a few obvious resemblances between these two, but Gwent has been appropriately tuned and crafted to become an independent game. 


In Gwent, players participate in fast-paced duels. In order to win these duels, you should possess a mix of:


  • bluffing, 
  • quick decision-making, and 
  • attentive deck-construction
  • skills


In order to construct a stellar deck, you need powerful cards, which you can find in Kegs. 

What are Kegs in Gwent?


When you are a freshman in Gwent, you get a starter pack with a few cards. You can boost it with Kegs which are booster card packs consisting of 5 cards. 


In every pack, there is always one Rare, Epic or Legendary card. As a result, Kegs are an effective and quick method of upgrading your deck. Especially if you are lucky and you come across a Legendary card right away. 


There are multiple types of Kegs in Gwent, among which:


  • Base Set Kegs consist of the core set of cards from all factions,
  • Ultimate Kegs consist of cards from all existing sets,
  • Faction kegs with cards only from the specific faction,
  • Crimson Curse Kegs containing cards from the first Gwent expansion,
  • Novigrad Kegs with cards from Novigrad expansion.


Each of the expansions always comes with new cards. In order to acquire Kegs, you need Gwent currency called ore which you can get, for example, by competing in casual and ranked matches. 


Nevertheless, there are also special types of Kegs which are Ultimate Premium Kegs that cannot be purchased with ore. Just like Ultimate Kegs, they contain cards from all existing sets, but all cards within are Premium ones (instead of standard). 


This special kind of Ultimate Kegs can be purchased in the store for real money. Sometimes it is also a part of a special package prepared for events. Nevertheless, there is also an almost free method of getting Ultimate Premium Kegs that requires minimal effort.  

How to easily get Ultimate Premium Kegs in Gwent?


The MillionPugs browser extension is a brand-new service that can assist you in getting valuable in-game content by doing what you normally do. That is - by shopping online. 


As a result, you can get Ultimate Premium Kegs and other Gwent content for ordering food and groceries, and buying clothes, or electronics in affiliated stores. 


The idea is that you download and install the MillionPugs plugin, which displays a pop-up every time you visit one of the listed stores. The pop-up informs you about available deals that you can activate once you make a purchase. Each deal comes with a different number of points called pugs™.


Once you collect a sufficient number of points, you can redeem them for in-game content including 2 or 15 Ultimate Premium Kegs, and resources such as meteorite powder. 


Also, to start off on a good note, MillionPugs grant you additional pugs™ once you:


  • sign up,
  • download the extension,
  • visit one of the listed stores, or
  • make your first purchase, 
  • make a streak of 5 purchases.


Therefore, collecting pugs™, especially initially, is simple and quick. It makes getting Ultimate Premium Kegs using the MillionPugs service an easy and effective method requiring minimal effort and time. 


Summing up, Kegs in Gwent are a great source of cards boosting your collection and assisting in building up a stellar deck that you need to win Gwent duels. In order to get standard Kegs like Base Set Kegs or Ultimate Kegs, you need Gwent currency called ore. 


Nevertheless, there is also a special type of Kegs which is Ultimate Premium Kegs containing only Premium cards. The easiest method of acquiring them is by purchasing them in the store. Luckily, there is also an option of using the MillionPugs browser extension that allows you to collect points by doing online shopping and exchange them for in-game items such as Ultimate Premium Kegs. 

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