Staffordshire University leads the UK in esports education

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Coming to prominence first in Asia and spreading outward, esports is set to become a defining aspect of a globally connected society. From companies like Mercedes, Louis Vuitton, and Mountain Dew, to famous celebrities like Post Malone, Drake, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith, everyone wants to be a part of this new and exciting industry. 


A growing industry requires an eager and growing talent pool. Future industry leaders require not just experience, but an effective and comprehensive education. It’s no surprise then that universities like Staffordshire University are stepping up to the plate to provide a world-class education in esports. 


At Staffordshire University located in the cities of Stoke-on-Trent and London in the UK, you will find that everything from club involvement to the curriculum is tailored to preparing you for success in the esports industry. Facilities include the Esports Lab, Esports Hub, and Epic Games Design Center. If you ever fancied yourself as a shoutcaster or host, coach or analyst, team owner, journalist, partnerships, or social media manager, Staffordshire University could be the right choice for you. 



Courses that you will take as part of your degree in esports include topics such as content creation, esports broadcasting, esports events experience, planning and strategy, building teams, and understanding the ecosystems of esports and competitive gaming. These courses are taught by a world-class team equipped with the resources and the facilities to take your esports ambitions to the next level. 


The coursework at Staffordshire University is just the start though. Staffers such as Kevin Cheung prepare students by providing them real industry insight through their own experiences to complement the comprehensive and effective curriculum. 


▲ Image Source: Staffordshire University


Formerly a producer and observer for both Riot Games and ESL, Kevin Cheung is the degree course leader and has been teaching at Staffordshire University since 2019. With over seven years of experience working in the esports industry, Kevin Cheung’s veteran experience makes him a respected world-class educator at Staffordshire University. 


In London, Matt Huxley has joined the teaching team as the Esports Provision Manager in London. Matt has over 15 years in esports – starting as a fan, competitor, and ending up as a career path. His main passion is in tournament ops having run tech, event and league operations for esports series such as ForzaRC, FIFA Global Series, F1 esports and more. He is Gfinity alumni and prior experience working with VALVE, FIA, and Champions League.


In its mission to provide students with the resources they need to succeed, Staffordshire University partnered with TeamSpeak to sponsor it’s bachelor and master degrees in esports. Integrating its storied audio communication platform into Staffordshire’s coursework, students at Staffordshire will gain access to the same program currently used by some of the most prestigious esports events in the world. 


One of the most appealing aspects of Staffordshire University isn’t just its degree offerings or its partnerships, but the culture on campus. 


The Video Games Union at Staffordshire University, with over four-hundred members in its discord server alone, features a vibrant and thriving video game community. Offering everything from Rocket League to FGC to Smash, League of Legends, and more, not only will you be supported by an amazing faculty and staff, but you’ll make new friends and find the support you need from the students through Staffordshire’s Video Games Union and the various other clubs and societies that are currently present on campus. 


▲ Image Source: Staffordshire University


All-in-all, Staffordshire’s efforts to elevate esports in the UK has not gone unnoticed. From it’s brilliant faculty and staff to Staffordshire’s ability to engender positive growth in Europe, is set to provide opportunities for students beyond the continent, to willing and aspiring leaders from across the world. 


To inquire about admissions and see if Staffordshire University is the right fit for you, visit Prospective students can contact the school by filling out an online enquiry form, emailing, or by calling +44 (0)1782 294400.




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    level 1 dukehavin

    I am a student at Staffordshire University, and it is great that our institution initiates the implementation of esports within our communities. The world goes digitalized, and we should be flexible. One of my current assignments is to prepare the article's review, and I would like to discuss the current with the help of resource where the professional experts from Edubirdie can help me. I think my teacher will be surprised when he finds ut that the article is about our university.

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    level 1 Michael_Scott

    Great article, thank you so much!

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    level 1 RodneyEndicott

    It is great news.
    I am so happy, that Staffordshire University can provide relevant esports education for every student.
    I think it's important to implement esports education in the colleges and university system as a whole. It can be one more way to help realize students in the USA and represent new technology in the education system. To my mind, a cool example can be EssayExaminer writing company, which follows new distance trends in learning. Find out more on the company site: . And it is necessary not only for the university but also for students all over the world.

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    level 1 edward1

    I am sure that this type of education is indeed relevant in our time, because the development of esports is growing and growing every year. It is a pity that in my time there were no such faculties in universities. Edward from

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