Have you ever wanted to represent your school playing a video game? How about your college?

This is the full text of Highschoolespoertsleague's 11/2/2017 press release.


High School Esports League is now partnered with Lourdes University, offering partial scholarships to its tournament victors. Lourdes University is expanding its reach into eSports to broaden their liberal arts experience.

“As a liberal arts institution, we value and recognize the important aptitude and skills these students will bring to Lourdes University. Competitive video gaming requires students to possess excellent critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills – which are transferrable to their academic pursuits. In addition, these individuals must follow a strong fitness regimen and have a healthy mind and spirit,” says University President Mary Ann Gawelek.

With the rising number of universities offering scholarships for eSports, opportunity rises for the average student gamer. Pathways for achieving higher education have now opened, making college more inclusive.


Victors of the 2017 Spring Semester in League of Legends and Overwatch will have access to this opportunity of a lifetime (sorry CS:GO). They will be awarded partial scholarships to attend Lourdes University and an invitation to join Lourdes University’s blossoming eSports Program. These eSports scholarships will be stackable with other academic university scholarships as well. Even more reason to keep those grades up!

Registration is still open, but will close February 20, 2017. Sign up and claim your opportunity to become a Collegiate eSports Athlete.


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    level 1 GarySchultz


    Definitely! It is not difficult but fun, that is pure entertainment! I have been representing my college and school only at mathematical olympiads and other academic events.

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