KDF Cuzz: "CvMax likes weird picks like Garen and Teemo. I believe any champion can appear."


On Feb. 16, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, Kwangdong Freecs defeated FearX 2-1 and maintained their position in 5th place. It was a tough match, but Kwangdong Freecs managed to seal the win, collecting their 5th win. After the match, the Players of the Games, Lee “BuLLDoG” Tae-young and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan joined Yoon Soo-bin for a post-match interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


BuLLDoG: As we won today’s match, I felt relieved and somewhat happy. It’s a mix of emotions.


(To Cuzz) With today’s win, you’ve played in 500 LCK games now. You’re the third jungler to make the milestone. How do you feel?

Cuzz: I felt a lot of things playing 500 games, and I’m grateful that I could play as a pro player while being supported by so many fans. I’ll continue to work hard and aim to play 600 games now.


Today, Quantum played in place of Andil. Wasn’t he nervous?


Cuzz: He didn’t seem nervous, but I gave him some advice just in case. I told him to trust us and follow us well. I also told him he didn’t need to talk too much.


What kind of advice did BuLLDoG give him?


BuLLDoG: I just told him to play well on his own. [Laughs]


Cuzz’s Lee Sin was amazing. We heard that cvMax gave you more confidence in playing Lee Sin. What did he say?


Cuzz: CvMax told me that I’m good at Lee Sin. When I lose, it’s because I’m bad at the game and not that I’m bad at Lee Sin. [Laughs] Also, he told me that he could give me feedback better than anyone else if there were things that I lacked.


Although you lost game 2, Garen was picked for the first time in the history of LCK. How did you end up picking it?


BuLLDoG: Garen was buffed in the recent patch, and we thought it was good. It’s good against certain champions in the top lane.


Do you think you’ll continue to pick it?


Cuzz: I’d say 100%. CvMax likes weird picks like Garen and Teemo. I believe any champion can appear.


Are you saying that you could pick Teemo as well?


Cuzz: If it’s good, we could pick it.


In game 3, BuLLDoG’s Hwei was amazing. Your kill on Aphelios gave your team the upper hand.


BuLLDoG: I didn’t actually aim to get the kill. I thought I should drain his HP and push mid a bit, but I got the kill, so we benefitted more.


What did you think, Cuzz?


Cuzz: He did really good. Actually, cvMax was thrilled today. He was often unsatisfied with BuLLDoG’s performance even if we won, but since his performance was amazing, cvMax praised BuLLDoG a lot. He said that it felt like there were three veterans playing today. Even so, I hope BuLLDoG doesn’t get too excited and continue to play well.


BuLLDoG: I won’t get too excited. [Laughs]


You’re the only mid laner to play Hwei this season. Why do you enjoy playing Hwei so much?


BuLLDoG: I’ve played him a lot in solo queue and thought he was a good champion. I do think I’m pretty good at Hwei, so I keep on picking it.


Any tips for mid Hwei users?

BuLLDoG: I think it’s best if you practice a lot.


(To Cuzz) What do you think about BuLLDoG’s recent form?


Cuzz: BuLLDoG started to get more focused a few days ago, and it seems that his interpretation of the game flow got much better. That’s probably why he’s better now. It’s not only BuLLDoG. Bull and Quantum did amazing today. I also hope Andil, who’s sick, gets better soon.


Your last opponent in Round 1 is OK BRION. Are you confident to continue the winning streak?


Cuzz: I’m extremely confident but I won’t get careless. Please cheer for us.


BuLLDoG: As I said, I won’t get too excited. I’ll work hard and prepare well.

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