With 200K+ Pre-registrations, Nine Chronicles M officially launches in South Korea


The highly-anticipated MMORPG 'Nine Chronicles M' has officially set its release date for Nov. 22, following the impressive milestone of surpassing 200,000 pre-registrations. Starting Wednesday at 11 AM, players can install the game through Google Play and the App Store. The game is playable without additional payments or NFT purchases. New users will be greeted with enticing rewards, including a rare avatar and sword, 5 AP potions, 1,200 Hourglasses, 30,000 Crystals, and 5 NCG.


Nine Chronicles M, a mobile adaptation of the PC version that boasts a user base exceeding 200,000 globally, stands out with its fatigue-free idle gameplay and robust content such as PvP arenas and item crafting. Notably, it introduces the world's first 'completely decentralized' gaming experience, recording all play records on a blockchain network. The server is not operated directly by the game company, and all the codes are available as open sources. It operates through direct participation in on-chain nodes or sharing modifications and expansions for the game.


To celebrate the mobile release, a new chain (server concept) named 'Heimdall' is introduced for new users, supporting cross-platform play between PC and mobile. In Heimdall, both PC and mobile versions can be enjoyed, allowing existing Odin chain users to play on mobile as well. However, character and item migration from Odin to Heimdall is currently not possible.



Various events are set to commemorate the mobile release and the expansion of the new chain. For new users on the 'Heimdall' chain, rewards such as silver and gold dust will be provided each time they reach a specific character level, encouraging growth.


Additionally, the first season of the PvP arena content will commence on Nov. 29, offering unprecedented rewards totaling up to 1,000,000 NCG. As all users have to start characters from scratch, new users on Heimdall will have the opportunity to participate in arenas, securing meaningful rewards. Up to Nov. 29, it is a preseason where users can obtain food ingredients by enjoying the arena.


A friend-inviting feature is also available for players who want to enjoy the game together. Using the Nine Chronicles M app's function, players can invite friends and acquaintances, earning 5 NCG instantly upon invitation. Invited friends will also receive 1 NCG immediately, with an additional 5 NCG achievable upon reaching level 50.


The mobile version is readily available for download on Google Play and the App Store. For more detailed information, users can explore the Nine Chronicles M Discord, blog, and official website.


Heimdall Growth Event "Level Achievement Rewards"


Level 300: Golden Dust x 300

Level 250: Golden Dust x 80

Level 200: Golden Dust x 20

Level 150: Silver Dust x 150

Level 100: Silver Dust x 40

Level 50: Silver Dust x 10


Heimdall Growth Event "Stage Achievement Rewards"


6 (300 Stages): Golden Dust x 300

5 (250 Stages): Golden Dust x 80

4 (200 Stages): Golden Dust x 20

3 (150 Stages): Silver Dust x 150

2 (100 Stages): Silver Dust x 40

1 (50 Stages): Silver Dust x 10


Heimdall Arena Event "Special Rewards"


Rank 1-10: Golden Dust x 2,000

Rank 11-100: Golden Dust x 600

Rank 101-500: Golden Dust x 200

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