How much do CS:GO players earn? Top 5 most expensive pro players.

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Let us begin our review of the highest-valued CS:GO esports players, as the statistics of these professionals reveal that the most exciting aspects of the game are yet to come.


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Without further ado, let's dive into the list:


Ranking fifth is Nikola Kovacs, an exceptionally skilled player in the professional scene. Despite a dip in his performance in 2019, he secured the MVP title at Blast in Copenhagen and posted a 1.16 rating 2.0, landing him in 11th place on HELL.TV's ranking. Faze Clan purchased NiKo for $500,000 in 2017, and since then, his media presence has grown significantly. His current estimated value is around $900,000.


As part of Team Liquid, this 20-year-old player maintained a high level of performance throughout 2019, earning a spot among the world's best teams. For the second consecutive year, Twistzz ranked in the HELL.TV's Top-20. He is known for being an incredible sharpshooter and a reliable teammate. If someone wishes to acquire him, they will need to pay at least $1,000,000 – a price comparable to that of the entire lineup. His age and skillset justify the hefty price tag.


According to player statistics, EliGE had the best year of his career in 2019. At just 22 years old, he achieved a 1.21 rating 2.0 and ranked among the top five best players worldwide. His estimated buyout cost stands at a minimum of $1,200,000.

dev1ce and ZywOo

dev1ce, a 24-year-old player, is rightfully considered one of the best and most consistent CS:GO competitors. Since 2014, he has consistently ranked in the Top-20. Currently, his team, Astralis, is focusing on enhancing their media presence. It's uncertain why dev1ce would leave the world's top team, but should he choose to do so, his price tag would be considerable. Similarly, ZywOo entered the professional scene a year ago and quickly became a dominant force. Despite his reluctance to engage with the media, the hype surrounding his skills is immense. Both dev1ce and ZywOo command a minimum price tag of $1,500,000, though it's likely even higher.


At 22 years old, s1mple is the most valuable player, boasting international experience and consistent, high-quality skills. He is also the most media-savvy of the bunch, known for stirring up controversies, streaming, and making bold statements. His videos on YouTube often garner the most views, and he is discussed worldwide. If you wish to have him on your team, be prepared to pay a minimum of $2,000,000.

So, what do you think of these price tags? The compensation is certainly impressive, isn't it?

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