Riot's Raul Fernandez on changing flexibility with third party events like MrBeast vs Ninja showmatch

In a recent question-and-answer session with Raul Fernandez, Riot Games' Sr. Director of Esports Operations, Americas (Brazil, LATAM & North America), Inven Global asked about the company's potential plans to change their approach to third-party events and cultivate a younger demographic. This comes amidst concerns about waning interest in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), and last year's controversy involving Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg being allegedly blocked by Riot from competing in the MrBeast vs Ninja LoL Ultimate Crown event.


Fernandez stated that Riot Games acknowledges the need for more exposure and is open to enabling events like the MrBeast vs Ninja showdown in the future. He explained that the past internal structure at Riot sometimes led to a disconnection between the global and regional ecosystems, which is now being addressed.


According to Fernandez, under the new organization, Naz Aletaha, the Global Head of League of Legends Esports, is working to ensure all regions and the global team collaborate more closely. The company aims to make decisions that make sense on a global scale while considering the needs and situations of individual regional leagues.

Source: Elle

"So, moving forward, you are going to see more coordinated efforts on that side that actually make sense," Fernandez stated. "I think we're going to be much more flexible on that because we know that that is a very large showcase that can bring folks into the fold and get them interested in League of Legends."


In addition to embracing third-party events, Fernandez also discussed Riot's efforts to attract younger gamers to League of Legends. While specific details were not provided, it is evident that Riot is taking multiple approaches to ensure the long-term success of their flagship game and its esports scene.

This shift in strategy signifies Riot's willingness to adapt and evolve to maintain the popularity of League of Legends and its esports events. Fans can expect more opportunities for their favorite players to participate in third-party events, which could potentially boost the game's exposure and draw in a younger demographic. As the landscape of esports continues to grow and change, Riot's ability to adapt will play a crucial role in the ongoing success of their competitive scene.

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