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Midnight Stinger I
Cancel several skills and instantly charge forward
to attack enemies.
Shift + LMB
Can be used with the Scythe
Quick Slot Available
Req level: 
Hit Damage 132% X 1
Critical Hit Rate +18% for 10 sec. upon using skill
Stiffness on good hits
Speed Attack


Mounted combatX

Skill Specialization

  • Attack against monsters +20 for 8 sec. for self
  • PVP Attack +5 for 5 sec. for self
  • All Accuracy +5% for 12 sec. for self
  • All Casting Speed +4% for 5 sec. for self
  • All Movement Speed -7% for 7 sec. for target
  • Instantly Recovers 10 MP(EP)/WP/SP per hit

Skill Ranks