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Cartian's Protection
Protect yourself with the scythe while damaging the enemies nearby simultaneously.
While holding Amulet, ↓ + C
Quick Slot Available
Consumes Black Spirit's Rage: 100%
Req level: 
Hit Damage 437% X 1 (Effect nullified during cooldown)
Critical Hit Rate +100%
Floating on good hits (Effect nullified during cooldown)
Down Attack
Cannot move forward/backward while on Guard.
Damage reduced in PVP.
Damage of Black Spirit skills differ from that of normal skills.


Mounted combatX

Skill Specialization

  • All Defense +15 for 10 sec. for self
  • All Casting Speed +7% for 5 sec. for self
  • All Movement Speed +10% for 10 sec. for self
  • All Attack Speed -7% for 7 sec. for target
  • All Casting Speed -7% for 7 sec. for target
  • Inflicts 56 Poison Damage per 3 sec. for 18 sec. for target

Skill Ranks