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Great Sword Training II
A basic attack to bring enemy under your control using the great sword.
Horizontal Slash LMB
Vertical Slash RMB
Req level: 
Req Point: 
Horizontal Slash Damage 369% x 3, Max 2 Hits
Vertical Slash Damage 488% x 2, Max 3 Hits
Accuracy Rate +2%
Recovers +22 of WP per every good hit
All AP +10 for 10 sec. on 2 Horizontal Slash(es)
All AP +10% for 10 sec. on 3 Vertical Slash(es)
Bound on 3 Vertical Slash(es)
Down Attack on 1, 3 Vertical Slash(es)
During Horizontal Slash, number of hits inflicted may differ depending on the direction of the Great Sword attack.


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