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Black Magic Crystal - CobelinusSocket Item
Weight: 0.10 LT
Explanation : A Black Stone Crystal that can be fused into Armor sockets.
- Item Effect: Max HP +100 & Weight Limit+ 20LT & Damage Reduction +2

※ This crystal has a high chance of getting shattered upon death.

- Transfusion can be performed by the Black Spirit.

- Right-click to start the transfusion process.

- How to Obtain: Obtain Shiny Golden Seal: [Imperial Cuisine] through Imperial Delivery.

Exchange Shiny Golden Seal: [Imperial Cuisine] with Black Essence: Cobelinus from Pasvinder in Heidel.

Heat Black Essence: Cobelinus and Ancient Magic Crystal: Cobelinus.
Tax rate applied articlePrice : 358,000 S



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Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus
Black Essence: Cobelinus
Ancient Magic Crystal - Cobelinus

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