Pearl Abyss Reveals Four New Game Titles - Plan 8, Crimson Desert, DokeV, Shadow Arena


Pearl Abyss announced the official names of their new games, PLAN 8, DokeV, Crimson Desert, and opened a teaser website for each game. 


Through the teaser websites, the names of the games were confirmed of their projects K, V, and CD. They will be revealing the details along with action battle royale game ‘Shadow Arena’ at their booth in G-Star 2019.


PLAN 8 is the first shooting genre game for Pearl Abyss. It is will be an ‘Exosuit MMO Shooter’. Directing producer Lee Seung-ki, who directed the world design for Black Desert Online and BDO Mobile, will be assisted by Minh Le, who is known to be the father of Counter-Strike.


DokeV is a collectible open world MMO game where players can look for DokeV’s who grow from people’s dreams. Directing producer Kim Sang-yeong who led Black Desert Online’s animation, and development producer Choi Seo-won who was in charge of planning Black Desert Online, R2, and C9 will leading the development for DokeV.


Crimson Desert is an epic fantasy open world MMORPG. Directing producer Jeong Hwan-gyeong, who was the director of Ryl Online, and action director Lee Sung-woo, who was in charge of the action in Ryl Online and C9. This will be the next flagship MMORPG for Pearl Abyss.


Shadow Arena is an action battle royale game where 50 users compete to become the last survivor. Korea’s first-generation developer, game design strategy director Kim Gwang-sam is in the directing producer position. They will be picking the first closed beta testers until the 20th of November.


The new games will be revealed on the 14th at Pearl Abyss Connect 2019. It will be streamed live on Twitch and Youtube for the users looking forward to their new arrivals.


Pearl Abyss will be delivering new joy and unique game experiences to worldwide gamers through their new game announcements. They will be aiming to jump in to many different genres and platforms. The platforms for the games will be revealed on the 14th at G-Star.

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