Black Desert Online Global Lab Patch Notes July 4th: Hystria Ruins Expansion


Rage Absorption (Common) and Rage Absorption (Innate)'s critical hit rate can now stack with other buffs that increase critical hit rate.

Stackable Unstackable
Critical Hit Rate Attack Speed
All AP Casting Speed
All DP Movement Speed
All Evasion  


▲ Critical Hit Rate buff from Maehwa's General Apricot will stack with the Critical Hit Rate buff from Rage Absorption. 
▲ Although the attack speed buff icon will appear for both General Apricot and Rage Absorption, it will not stack.




● You can now see the Black Star Weapons in the Dye(J) Window. (However, you still can't dye the weapon.)
● New furniture: Kutum Lighting and Nouver Statue have been added.


● You can now turn on/off the feature that displays the knowledge rank that you have on a monster.

▲ You can access the setting through the Knowledge(H) Window.

● A bookmark feature has been added for the adventure logs.

- You can insert a bookmark on any page of an adventure log. 
- When you access the adventure log, you'll be directed to the page with the bookmark. 
- You can only insert one bookmark at a time.


Hystria Ruins has been extended.

▲ "An old wall within the ruins broke down, revealing a path deeper into the ruins"

- More players will now be able to grind within the ruins.
● The Ash Forest monsters' AP has been increased by about 10%. They will also have less delay between attacks.


● While fishing, a new feature that allows you to discard items depending on its grade has been added. 
- What you can throw away and keep is decided by your fishing level.

Fishing Level Item Rarity
Apprentice (Lvl. 11+) White
Skilled (Lvl. 21+) Green
Professional (Lvl. 31+) Blue
Artisan (Lvl. 41+) Yellow

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Comments :8

  • 0

    level 1 Cherath

    Does Relic Shards and Silver Keys affects in "Item Rarity"?

  • 0

    level 6 That_Guy


    Wait where's the info about the new furniture? Ancient Kutum and Nouver statues? Gives +15ap for 2 hrs.. was curious about the materials that are used to make it.

    • 1

      level 35 Ready


      Here are the recipes!

      Ancient Kutum Fragment x3 (Basically Kutum's trash loot (The same item you need to complete Bartali's Adventure Log Book 14))
      Star Diamond x50
      Rumbling Earth Shard x100
      Concentrated Boss Spirit x1 (Obtainable by heating boss weapons)
      Trace of Despair x500

      Nouver Leather Piece x3
      Blood Ruby x50
      Fire Horn x100
      Concentrated Boss Spirit x1
      Trace of Despair x500

    • 0

      level 3 Primm


      And how often can you use the buff?

    • 0

      level 25 Tiri


      Holy hell, Concentrated Boss Spirit! But what about durability of this item? 100? And Concentrated Boss Spirit in recipe? Awww...

  • 0

    level 1 Nixar

    Has anyone tried to create a map of the new hystria layout?

  • 0

    level 4 Dringe

    Please note that there were some additional notes added to this week's global lab patch notes.

  • 0

    level 1 zinjoses

    y u no update Shai Awakening? T_T

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