Lahn Awakening Skill Guide: Recommended Skills and Add-ons for more damage dealing

Crimson Glaives, Lahn’s awakening weapon, are dual-wielded swords with chains attached to them. Just like her pre-awakening weapon Crescent Pendulum, they have slightly more range compared to other melee weapons.

Soul Raid is one of the skills that display the unique characteristics of the Crimson Glaives. It is a grab skill, but unlike with other grab skills, the Lahn does not have to be very close to the target. The Lahn can grab enemies from short-to-mid range using Soul Raid. Another skill is Flailing Blades, where the Lahn rapidly approaches the target that is hit by the spinning blades using the chains.

Deadly Dance, a skill where the Lahn deals massive damage in a large AoE using the chains and the blades, and Taunting Death, a skill where the Lahn moves forward while swinging the Crimson Glaives, are also skills that display the unique characteristics of Lahn’s awakening weapon.

Most of the Lahn’s awakening skills are used during combat, but certains skills take priority over other skills. You should level up or get the frequently used skills first, and then get the rest of the skills if you have some extra skill points.


■ Recommended Awakening Skill Build 


■ Most Frequently Used Skills

Deadly Dance is one of the skills that is used very frequently. It is a skill where the Lahn spins around with the Crimson Glaives. With its massive damage and large AoE, it is the Lahn’s main DPS skill.

Deadly Dance is also a good combo skill because it has Floating and Air Smash. The skill also recovers HP and WP, making it even more efficient.

▲ The Lahn can move a long distance with Deadly Dance. The AoE is very large as well.

Furor is another good DPS skill as it also has a large AoE and deals a large amount of damage like Deadly Dance.

The first hit can inflict Bound and the second hit has Down Smash, so the Lahn can knockback enemies and push them away. Furor is a good skill to use in the middle of a combo rather than to start a combo. The damage will be reduced during cooldown, but it is possible to use the skill consecutively to accumulate more damage. If you have Flow: Dance with Death, you can deal even more damage after the third hit of Furor.


Bleeding Hearts is a skill where the Lahn throws the Crimson Glaives to deal damage, and then pulls them back for an additional blow. The skill deals massive damage, and also inflicts Knockback and Bound in PvE. It is also a viable skill in PvP because it has Super Armor. Bleeding Hearts can be used as a standalone skill and with quick slots, or as a combo skill during Bridled Despair and Flailing Blades.

Flow: Vice is activated by right clicking after the second hit of Tailspin. Flow: Vice has a short animation, and can deal huge damage with 100% critical hit rate. It can be used as a standalone skill if you use the skill with quick slots.

However, it is recommended to use Flow: Vice after Tailspin or other skills because it has Down Smash and Down Attack. Use other skills to knock down enemies first, and then use Flow: Vice to deal more damage. The skill also has Super Armor.

▲ You can use other skills that knock down enemies first, and then use Flow: Vice with quick slots to inflict Down Smash immediately after the knockdown. 


■Less Frequently Used Skills

The skills listed in this section are less important than the skills in the “Most Frequently Used Skills” section, and cannot be generally used as independent skills.

Flailing Blades is a skill that allows the Lahn to quickly approach a target. It also gives HP recovery per successful hit, and an attack speed buff. After approaching the target with the first hit, the Lahn will quickly stab the target. The stab attack will inflict Stun. There are some occasions where the Lahn will not approach the target, but the mechanic itself is still intact even when the skill is on cooldown.


▲ Flailing Blades is often used as a skill to approach the target quickly.

Flow: Mangler is a Flow skill that follows Taunting Death or Bleeding Hearts. The skill is an off-DPS skill that can help the Lahn increase her overall damage output, rather than a main DPS skill.

Taunting Death can inflict Stiffness and Flow: Mangler can inflict Bound. The two skills make a good combo. When you are connecting from Bleeding Hearts, you can simply hold LMB+RMB to use Flow: Mangler. Bleeding Hearts and Flow: Mangler have a similar cooldown length, so it is highly recommended that you use Flow: Mangler after Bleeding Hearts. Also, the skill can inflict a movement speed debuff and pain damage to enemies while also recovering HP for the Lahn.

Bridled Despair is a skill where the Lahn throws her Crimson Glaives and spins them. It is usually used to finish off enemies with little HP left. The AoE is not particularly large because the skill only targets enemies that are in front of the Lahn. However, when the skill is used with Black Spirit’s Rage the AoE greatly increases and the Lahn can deal massive damage in a large area.

Soul Raid is a grab skill that can grab enemies from short to mid range. Because the Lahn can grab enemies from mid range using this skill, it is used to initiate combos. The skill is used more often in PvP. When the Lahn successfully hits a target with this skill, it will pull the target and then inflict Bound. After pulling the target, the Lahn will attack one more time with an upward slash, which inflicts Down Attack.

▲ The distance that Soul Raid can reach.


■Recommended Skill Add-ons for PvE

For maximum efficiency, it is highly recommended that you get skill add-ons for the skills that are listed as “Most Frequently Used” in the first section.

If you play PvE more, Furor, Flailing Blades, and Deadly Dance are the recommended skills to get add-ons for. Flailing Blades has Attack against monsters +25 as an add-on option, while other skills usually have +20 monster damage as an option. Also, Flailing Blades is a combo initiation skill, so it will increase the damage output of a combo.

Deadly Dance is one of the Lahn’s main DPS skills. Critical hit rate +20% and Attack Speed +4% will increase the overall DPS.

Furor can be used even when the skill is on cooldown, so it is possible to get the add-on buff continuously. Getting the HP recovery add-on will increase survivability, while getting the Accuracy buff will increase DPS.

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      Looks like the grab from Scorpion from Mortal Kombat

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    Loving the Lahn, would it be possible to post more info about combos? Also, do you go back and forth between awakened now that the Lahn has the enhanced skills in pre-awakened?

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