New World Boss, Garmoth the Red Dragon, Raid - Video, Screenshots, and Brief Guide


On March 22nd, Garmoth the Red Dragon has been added in Black Desert Online KR. Garmoth is a new world boss that appears at Garmoth’s Nest, Drieghan, on every Tuesday, Thursday (22:30), and Saturday (23:30).

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Unlike other world bosses, Garmoth has to be “summoned” by the players. After the world notification and the “roar”, a group of monsters called the Gaktums and Gaktum Statues will appear. The Gaktums are small monsters worship Garmoth. Players must kill the Gaktums and destroy the Gaktum Statues in order to summon Garmoth. Garmoth is a huge red dragon that is big enough to make Karanda look like a little birdie.


▲ The Gaktums worship Garmoth the Red Dragon.
▲ Garmoth is even bigger than Nouver.

When trying to kill Garmoth, you should always be aware of the 5 statues that are summoned with Garmoth. A system message that says “Garmoth is absorbing magical power from an activated statue!” will appear, and you have to destroy the statues as soon as possible so Garmoth does not absorb the power.

This pattern is not as simple as it seems. There is an activated statue among the five statues, and you have to destroy the right one. If you don’t know which one is the activated one, go for the statue that has the most number of Gaktums around it. When attacking the statue, keep in mind that Garmoth is still around you and will try to kill you with a powerful fire breath and fireball. You will lose your crystals when you die during the raid.


▲ Destroy the activated statue first if you don't want to lose your Crystals!

Garmoth uses a lot of AoE skills, and the deadliest one is a pattern where a large area of blaze deals massive damage over time on the players within the AoE. The AoE will appear on the screen before Garmoth uses the pattern, but it will be impossible to escape from the area if you are too close to Garmoth. Garmoth will roar before the blazing area starts dealing damage, and the roar will restrict the character’s movement.

A pattern where Garmoth shoots multiple fireballs from the air is also deadly. But there are some gaps between the fireballs, so if you are lucky you will be able to survive.


▲ The Blazing Area skill, with an enormous AoE.
▲ The Blazing Area will deal massive damage.
▲ Garmoth shooting multiple fireballs over a large area.

If you are aware of Garmoth’s patterns and have enough DP, the raid won’t be extremely hard. Dodge Garmoth’s attacks on time and destroy the statue, and you will be able to loot Garmoth.

The very first Garmoth raid ended in 16 minutes. Unfortunately, no one got Heart of Garmoth, the material for Reforming Nouver/Kutum off-hands. We changed the channel to Heidel 3 and tried again, but sadly, Garmoth was heartless.

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