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BDO NA/EU Class Update Predictions: Rabam & Absolute Skills


If we were to compare the updates on Black Desert Online KR with those made on NA/EU, not many differences exist except from the new Offin Tett boss raid or Individual Battles. However, there are several big differences when it comes to class-related updates. Sensitive matters such as the balance patch are followed up on NA/EU soon after being updated on the KR server, but not much is known about when the new class, as well as the currently KR-exclusive new skill systems, will be added to NA/EU as well.

NA/EU got their Mystic Awakening, and KR got their new class, Lahn, and her Awakening along with several new skill systems. Based on this, Rabam’s Enlightenment, Absolute Skills, the Lahn need to be added to the NA/EU server soon.

We can’t be sure of when these new features will be added to NA/EU, but we can at least make predictions on how the updates on NA/EU will be made based on the order of class-related updates done on BDO KR, and here it is.


◆ Update Comparison on KR & NA/EU


Let’s look at KR updates first- the 1st Rabam’s Enlightenment for all classes were added right after the Mystic update, and then followed by the Mystic Awakening. Soon after, the 2nd Rabam’s Awakening was added one by one for each class every week, and next was the Absolute skills for each class, added in the same way.

A month later, a new class, the Lahn, was added. The Lahn didn’t have any Rabam or Absolute skills added along with its first appearance on the server, but she had her Absolute skills added before her Awakening skills in just 2 weeks. This update was unusual because you need to be Awakened first in order to be able to use the Absolute skills. The Lahn’s updates were soon followed by her Awakening, and then 1st and 2nd Rabam skills.

Lahn Skill Videos: How far will she go using her Pendulum Waltz
Lahn Awakening Skill Videos: Ranged Grab and Wide AoE



※ Rabam’s Enlightenment

Rabam’s Enlightenment are skills that can be learned without having to be Awakened, and all you need to do is learn the main and sub-skills, then learn new skills additionally. You can learn them at level 56 and 57, and skills learned at each level are distinguished as the 1st and 2nd Rabam skills. There are two Rabam skills for each level, and you can pick one out of these two skills to learn.

What is so good about Rabam’s Enlightenment is that the skill effects are more helpful compared to pre-Awakening skill effects, and the skills could deal even more damage than the Awakened skills. Although using the Rabam skills will automatically change your weapon to pre-Awakening weapon and consumes many skill points to learn the skills.



※ Absolute Skills

Absolute skill is a system that enhances your main pre-Awakening skills from their highest level to an even higher level, the ‘Absolute’ level. Basically, they can be learned from level 56 and require Awakening.

Although the animation or the effects for the Absolute skills remain the same as the original skills, they have been enhanced so that their the skill damage stats or the number of hits increases, letting you deal much more damage effectively just with your pre-Awakening weapon. However, the downside of it is that it uses up many skill points, require the pre-Awakening weapon, and add no additional skill effects.



▲ This video shows grinding with the Lahn, the 16th class in Black Desert Online.


It may be hard to predict exactly as no apparent update schedule has been revealed yet, but we can certainly guess in what order the updates will be added to BDO NA/EU based on the updates made on KR server. The first guess is that it will follow the order of updates made on KR.

If that is so, the order of updates will go as follows:

Mystic Awakening → Rabam’s Enlightenment at level 56 (1st) → Rabam’s Enlightenment at level 57 (2nd) → Absolute Skills → Lahn added → Lahn’s Absolute Skills → Lahn's Awakening →Lahn’s Rabam skills

The Rabam skills being added first isn’t only restricted to BDO KR: according to the recent SA GM’s note, Rabam’s Enlightenment will be updated soon on BDO SA. However, the update order for SA is completely different from that of KR and well as NA/EU, so it would not be right to take it into account when predicting the update order on NA/EU.


Although how both the Rabam’s Enlightenment skills will be added could be different; if done as the updates were done on KR, the Rabam skills for each class and levels (56, 57) will be added one by one in order. However, it’s also possible that the Rabam skills may be added all at once on NA/EU like the 1st and 2nd Rabam skills were added at the same time for the Lahn.

There’s also a possibility that the Absolute skills may be added first.

Mystic Awakening → Absolute Skills → Rabam’s Enlightenment at level 56 (1st) → Rabam’s Enlightenment at level 57 (2nd) → Lahn added → Lahn’s Absolute Skills → Lahn's Awakening → Lahn’s Rabam skills

Since the Absolute skills for the Lahn were been added before her Rabam skills were added after her release on KR, updates on NA/EU could be done in this order after all. Also, seeing how BDO JP announced, “the Absolute skills will be added to JP server in February” via their official Twitter does seem to make this more likely. Since Rabam’s Enlightenment hasn’t been updated on JP yet, it’s possible that the Absolute skills might be updated on NA/EU even before that.

The next is the possibility of the Lahn getting added to NA/EU first.

Mystic Awakening → Lahn added → Lahn’s Awakening → Rabam’s Enlightenment at level 56, 57(1st & 2nd) → Absolute skills

The updates on NA/EU don’t always follow the same schedule as KR. The term or the period of updates have been irregular so there’s a possibility that updates might be made when least expected due to internal issues. How the Striker was added on NA/EU before the Striker on KR got his Awakening could be seen as an example.

It is possible that both 1st and 2nd Rabam skills will be updated at the same time after the Lahn and her Awakening skills have been added, and even the Absolute skills could possibly come before the Rabam skills.


▲ Flittering Petals, the 2nd Rabam skill for the Maehwa


▲ Holy Strike, the 2nd Rabam skill for the Sorcerer

No big updates have been made on KR after the Lahn Awakening, and no plans for a new class or anything has been revealed yet. This may be due to the devs working on Dreagan, a new region in BDO, at the moment.

The new update isn’t so far away from now that the devs have mentioned they’re planning to update the new region in the early part of the year at the Black Desert FESTA. Thus, there won’t be many big updates on BDO KR until Dreagan is updated.

If Dreagan is to be updated on BDO KR, then it will also be added to NA/EU. Since adding a whole new region is a huge update, it is easier to expect the class-related updates that haven’t been added yet to be updated on NA/EU before Dreagan is actually added.


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    level 1 Keldorn_Corbec


    One side note. All Rabam skills are translated in english already but no Jin skill is.


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    level 1 Code


    Whoever wrote this article is ass. You don't need to be awakened to use JIN/Absolute skills. Inform yourself before writing an article and misinforming people who read it.

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      level 1 Meii


      Hi, thanks for the input. We checked on it once more just to make sure, and we confirmed that all classes except the Lahn, which had her absolute skills updated before her awakening was added, have to be over level 56 and complete the awakening quest first before they can learn the absolute skills on BDO KR. As for the Lahn, you can invest skill points in the absolute skills upon hitting level 56. However, BDO NA/EU has only stated that characters over level 56 can learn the absolute skills in their announcement, so we will need to see if the requirements for learning absolute skills is different from BDO KR after the absolute skills are actually added.

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    level 1 Neil_Varone

    why are all of the servers still out of sync for this game anyway?

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