Lahn Awakening Skill Videos: Ranged Grab and Wide AoE

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Lahn Awakening has been updated in Black Desert Online KR on January 11th. The Awakening weapon, called Hyul-Ryoo-In (literally means “Blood Flow Blade”) is dual wielding swords with chains attached to them. Just like the pre-Awakening weapon, the Awakening weapon shows some dynamic action with wide AoE.

The Awakening weapon has some unique skills like pulling an enemy with its chain or quickly approaching the targets. One of the frequently used skills is “Dance of Death” is a skill where the Lahn spins around and attacks nearby enemies with the Blood Flow Blade. “Step of Apocalypse” is another skill that is frequently used. The Lahn leaps forward while swaying her swords.


▲ Dance of Death is a powerful AoE skill. 


(Skill names are temporary translations and are subject to change.)



Soul Grasp is a grab skill where the Lahn pulls the target. The distance where the Lahn can pull is limited, and if the Lahn cannot reach the target she will dodge backward.

Soul Grasp has Super Armor, and the target will be Bound upon getting hit.


▲ Soul Grasp’s max distance.
▲ The Lahn could not grab the target from the spot marked with a yellow circle and dodged to the spot where she is standing on in the screenshot above.


▲ The Lahn pulling and throwing down her target.


▲ When she fails to grab, she will dodge backward.


“Chain Wheel”is a skill where the Lahn approaches the target instead of pulling it. The Lahn will throw spinning swords, and will approach the target that the spinning swords hit using the chains.

The Lahn throws the chains twice, and the second chain is a bit shorter than the first one. If the distance between the Lahn and the target is too long, the Lahn might not approach the target.


▲ If the target is within the distance shown above, the Lahn can approach the target using Chain Wheel.


▲ The Lahn quickly approaching the target using Chain Wheel.



= Lahn Awakening Skill Videos





= Level 59, 175/144/259 Lahn grinding at Sausan




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