1.7 Billion Pre-order for a TET Dande! Revealed Pre-order prices in KR server

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As of last week’s update, the “recent price” section in the Marketplace will now show the pre-order price of the items in Black Desert Online KR. We can now check the pre-order price if the item was sold by pre-order recently, and we would like to share the information of the pre-order prices of some boss gear and popular accessories for non-KR players.

It is nearly impossible to list the pre-order prices of all the items, so we have listed the prices of +0 items and TRI and TET items. The prices might not be exactly the same in other regions, but the information can give you a general idea of how much the pre-order price of an item is in KR.

Please note that the pre-order price appears as the recent price only when the latest transaction of the item was by pre-order. If the item was sold by bidding afterwards, the bid price will appear as the item’s recent price. So it is hard to see the pre-order prices of all of the items, and having a pre-order price does not necessarily mean that the item is more popular than other items.


▲ How much are the pre-order prices of some boss gear?


Let’s look at Kzarka main-hands first. A non-enhanced Kzarka Axe was sold at 140 million silver, and a non-enhanced Kzarka Longsword was sold at 180 million silver. The most expensive ones were Staff and Gauntlet, which were 260 million silver each. The pre-order prices of Kzarka Longsword and Kzarka Kriegsmesser went up due to increasing pre-orders. Longsword went from 180 million to 210 million, and Kriegsmesser went from 240 million to 250 million.

The pre-order prices of TRI Kzarka items were: 600 million for Longsword, 700 million for Shortsword, 770 million for Staff, 800 million for Longbow, and 900 million for Gauntlet. Longsword’s pre-order price dropped to 570 million later, and Lahn’s main-hand was sold at 500 million, which is not that much more expensive than the max registration price (450 million) .

The pre-order prices of TET Kzarka items were much higher than the max registration price, which is 1 billion and 18 million silver. The prices were 1.45 billion for Longsword, 1.62 billion for Staff, 1.67 billion for Gauntlet, and 1.72 billion for Kriegsmesser. The gear with the highest pre-order price was a Longbow, which was around 2 billion.

◆ Pre-Order Prices of Kzarka Main-hands 

▲ Kzarka Longsword was sold at 180 million.
▲ TRI: Kzarka Longsword was sold at 600 million.
▲ TRI: Kzarka Longbow was sold at 800 mil, and TRI: Kzarka Gauntlet was sold at 900 mil. The pre-order price of TRI: Kzarke Longsword went down to 575 mil here. 
▲ TET: Kzarka Longsword is over 1.4 billion.

Non-enhanced Nouver off-hands that were sold by pre-order were Dagger, Shield, Trinket, and Kunai. The prices varied, from 130 million to 160 million depending on the type of the weapon. For TRI Nouvers, the ones with the lowest pre-order prices were Shield and Horn Bow (500 million) and the most expensive one was Ornamental Knot (640 million). Lastly, TET Nouver Talisman was sold at 1.38 billion, and TET Nouver Vambrace was sold at 1.72 billion.


There were a lot of non-enhanced Kutum off-hands that were pre-ordered, and the prices went from 100 million to 180 million. Among TRI Kutums, Ornamental Knot had the lowest recent price, which was 500 million silver. The one with the highest price was Vambrace, which was around 650 million. All TET Kutums were around 1.5 billion silver.

As for Dandelion, even the non-enhanced ones were pre-ordered at very high prices. Dandelion Scythe was sold at 380 million, and Lahn’s Dandelion was sold at 810 million.

TRI Dandelion weapons were frequently sold by pre-orders. The ones that were relatively cheaper were between 600 million to 900 million silver, and the expensive ones were over 1 billion silver. The highest price was 1.47 billion, which was for Cestus.

For TET Dandelion, the pre-order prices were much higher than the max registration price(1.34 billion) on average. The pre-order prices were at least 400 million silver more expensive than the registration prices, and some TET Dandelions were over 2 billion. The most expensive TET Dandelion was Cestus, which was 3 billion silver.

◆ Pre-order Prices of Nouver, Kutum, and Dandelion weapons 

▲ Pre-ordered Nouver off-hands (Dagger, Shield, and Trinket)
▲ Kutum Horn Bow was sold at 150 mil.
▲ Dandelions are much more expensive than pre-awakening weapons.
▲ TET: Dandelions are even more expensive. 


Let’s move on to boss armor and accessories. Some boss gear does not have any pre-order record, as they are available in the Marketplace most of the time and do not have to be pre-ordered.

Bheg’s Gloves, which is pretty popular, was sold at 180 million. This is nearly two times higher than the max registration price. TRI Bheg’s Gloves were sold at 1.7 billion, and PEN Bheg’s Gloves were sold at 9,555,555,555 silver.

Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor has a odd trend, which is that +0, +2, and +4 Dim Tree Spirit’s Armors were more expensive than the ones with higher enhancement levels. +8 Tree Spirit’s Armor was sold at 170 million, which is a pretty nice deal.

A lot of PRI, DUO, and TRI Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor was sold by pre-orders. DUO Tree Spirit’s Armor was sold at 480 million, and TRI Tree Spirit’s Armor was sold at 900 million.

Other frequently pre-ordered items were Urugon’s Shoes and Griffon’s Helmet. PRI Urugon Shoes was sold at 500 million silver, and TRI Griffon Helmet was sold at 840 million silver.

Unlike other items, accessories were not sold by pre-orders as much. TRI Witch’s Earring was sold at 460 million, and TET Witch’s Earring was sold at 2.2 billion. PEN Witch’s Earring was sold at 5 billion.

TET Mark of Shadow was 990 million, and TRI Crescent Guardian Ring was 1.66 billion silver. Lastly for Necklaces, Ogre Ring was sold at 130 million, which is about 40 million silver higher than the max registration price.

◆ Pre-order Prices of Boss Defensive Gear and Accessories  

▲ PEN: Bheg's Gloves was sold at a massive price.
▲ Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
▲ TRI: Griffon's Helmet sold at 840 mil.
▲ Ogre Ring was actually not as expensive as we thought.
▲ A Witch's Earring is easy to get. A TRI: Witch's Earring is not.


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