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Make more silver by selling items under pre-order at marketplace! Improvements made at the marketplace on BDO KR


Starting from February 1st, players now get more silver when their items have been sold under pre-order at the marketplace on Black Desert Online KR. Also, items at blue grade and above that are enhanced to PEN have been changed to be sold under pre-order first.


Players will be getting 20% of the difference between the sold price and the listed price as bonus silver when the items they list get sold under pre-order at the marketplace.

For example, let’s say you list a Dandelion Greatsword at the marketplace for 100 million silver, and sold it for 200 million silver under pre-order. The difference of the price here would be 100 million silver, and 20% of that 100 million silver would be 20 million silver, so the bonus silver you’d be getting would be 20 million silver. However, the difference used to calculate the bonus will not go over double the listed price, meaning even if the item you listed for 100 million silver gets sold for 500 million silver, the difference used in the calculation would only be 200 million silver.
Likewise, the actual amount of silver you’d be getting will be decided after putting the market tax on it afterward.


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▲ It seems players will be able to make more profit than before by using the pre-order system.


Items at blue grade and above that are enhanced to

PEN will now be sold under pre-order first at the marketplace. These items will definitely be sold under pre-order if there is any player who has made a request for its purchase under pre-order, and if no one has requested for purchase under pre-order, then it will be sold through bidding. Meanwhile, the items that are being sold under pre-order have been changed to show their pre-order prices instead of their listed prices. Players will now be able to see how much other players have submitted for pre-order on items without having to ask the seller separately.

After this improvement was made on the marketplace, Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor and Bheg’s Gloves have been witnessed getting sold for 300 million and 1 silver and 100 million silver each via pre-order purchase at the BDO KR marketplace.


▲ It has gotten much easier to obtain these items as long as you have enough silver ready.
▲ Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor got sold for about 300 million silver via pre-order.
▲ Bheg’s Gloves got sold for 100 million silver via pre-order.


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