World Boss Offin Guide for beginners: Use Matchlocks to kill Offin faster

The new World Boss, Mirumok Destroyer Offin, has been added to Black Desert Online NA/EU. The World Boss Offin spawns every Friday at the Mirumok Ruins within a fixed time period. Offin will drop Valtarra Eclipsed Belt and the new main-hand weapon, Offin Tett’s Radiant Weapon.

Because Offin spawns within a fixed time period, a lot of people gather up for the raid. Offin is more powerful than the other World Bosses, so you will die many times unless you are well-prepared for the raid. There will be a death penalty (EXP loss, Crystals destroyed, etc.) for dying during the Offin raid.

There are two ways to kill Offin, and also a hidden battle route which involves using a Matchlock. Offin already exists in BDO as a Guild Raid Boss, but if you are not familiar with the Guild Raid, you can refer to the guide below to get yourself prepared for the raid.


▲ Offin is a very powerful raid boss.


◆ Offin Spawns at the Mirumok Ruins Every Friday

Offin will spawn every Friday, at 03:00 UTC / 20:00 PDT on the NA server, and at 21:00 UTC / 23:00 CEST on the EU server. A world notification message that says “Offin has started to absorb the spirit’s power” will appear 30 minutes before Offin spawns.

Mirumok Destroyer Offin spawns at the area deep inside the Mirumok Ruins, which is the same spot where Guild Boss Offin spawns.

After the notification message has appeared, summoning Guild Boss Offin with Ancient Contract: Mirumok Watcher will be impossible for a certain amount of time. If the guild raid is going on before the notification message, guild boss Offin must be killed within 15 minutes after the message appears. If not, the raid will fail.


▲ World Boss Offin’s Location (same as Guild Boss Offin’s location)


◆ Be Well-Prepared, Unless You Want to Lose Your Crystals

Offin has high HP and powerful attacks. The minimum required AP and DP for the raid is 150 and 250 respectively. The minimum AP is the same as the minimum AP for other World Bosses, but the minimum DP is higher than the minimum DP for other World Bosses.

Survivability is the most crucial point of the raid, as you will lose EXP and Crystals if you die. Meals like Valencia Meal and Steamed Whale Meat are ideal. For Elixirs, get the Elixir of Remarkable Will and Elixir of Steel Defense to increase survivability.

It is difficult to recognize Offin’s patterns during the actual raid, as there will be too many people around Offin. Using gear that does not have Crystals can be a good choice as well.


▲ Recommended Meal and Elixir for the raid


◆ Destroy Offin’s Roots > Attack Offin Tett > Repeat, or Use Matchlocks to Destroy Offin’s Barrier

Mirumok Destroyer Offin has two parts, Offin and Offin Tett, and if you kill either one of them, the raid will be over. There are two ways to win the raid: destroying Offin’s barrier and then killing Offin Tett, or making Offin Tett come out from Offin by destroying Offin’s roots.

The most common method is to destroy Offin’s roots. Whenever one of Offin’s roots is destroyed, Offin’s barrier will disappear and Offin Tett will come out from Offin. Players can damage Offin Tett when it is summoned. If two or more roots are destroyed, Offin’s barrier will be gone and Offin will be killable. Offin’s AP and Attack Speed will increase when two or more of its roots are destroyed.

The next step is to attack Offin Tett. Offin Tett will be summoned whenever Offin’s root is destroyed, and will attack players with two invincible clones. Offin Tett uses a lot of ranged skills. Offin Tett will go back inside Offin when its HP drops below 70% (after the first root is destroyed) and when its HP drops below 30% (after the second root is destroyed). Offin Tett cannot go back to Offin when the third root is destroyed, and players can finish off Offin Tett to win the raid.

There is a hidden route in the raid. If at least one of Offin’s roots is destroyed, you can use Matchlocks to damage the protective shield where Offin Tett is sitting. If the protective shield is destroyed, Offin Tett cannot go back inside Offin anymore. In this case, you only have to destroy one root to completely kill Offin Tett and win the raid. Other players should be fighting Offin Tett while others are destroying the protective shield with Matchlocks.



◆ Chance to Win High-End Accessories, Crystals, and New Boss Gear

The loot includes Offin Tett’s Radiant Weapon, a new Boss main-hand weapon. Offin Tett’s Radiant Weapons have lower Accuracy than Kzarka weapons do, but have higher AP. Offin Tett’s Radiant Weapons also give Attack/Casting Speed +2 and Critical Hit +2.

You can get the new Boss main-hand from Offin Tett’s Sealed Light Weapon Box, or by exchanging 100 Offin Tett’s Light Fragments with one weapon. Offin Tett’s Light Fragment works like the Latent Aura of other World Bosses. If you have more than 5, you can talk to NPC Dikzipo, the blacksmith in Grana, and receive a quest where you can exchange the Fragments with the weapon.

Other rewards include Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, JIN/BON/WON Cobelinus, Black Magic Crystal (Cobelinus), Forest Fury, Lemoria Armor Set, and Black Stones.

The loot will be determined based on how much damage you have dealt to Offin Tett. If you have only attacked Offin’s roots and/or Offin’s protective shield with Matchlocks, you will not be able to loot Offin.

However, if you are one of the top 30 players who contributed to destroying Offin’s roots, you will be able to get Offin Tett’s Light Fragments and Offin’s Tendril. If you are one of the top 30 players who contributed on destroying the protective shield with Matchlocks, you will have an additional chance to loot Offin Tett’s Light Fragments or Forest Fury.


▲ Kzarka and Offin Tett's Radiant Weapon comparison (both at +7)


▲ Kzarka and Offin Tett's Radiant Weapon comparison (both at PEN)

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  • 0

    level 1 Suyino


    Does anyone know if the extra AP on Offin Mainhands makes it worth replacing Kzarka considering you would get I believe 1 point towards your renown score?

    • 0

      level 1 Assa

      @Suyino Probably not, beyond 470 renown, each additional renown will only go toward your DR. The best that 1 additional renown will get u is 4 DR, the 2AP is minimal in terms of your awakening damage imo. e.g. if you're at 504 and getting it will get u into the 505 range so 34 DR over 30 DR. Keep in mind though that you'll also be losing 18 accuracy at tet which is pretty big.

      Some classes might might benefit more from the additional crit though but for some like warrior, not so much. If you're already on Kzarka, probably not worth all the money and effort. Probably better chasing Renown or AP by upgrading other things.

      Just my opinion though.

    • 0

      level 1 Suyino


      I'm playing witch and I have Bhegs, do you think I need that 18 accuracy?

  • 1

    level 1 Shyany_BDO


    Hello in the article is:
    "Unlike other World Bosses, there will be a death penalty (exp loss, crystals destroyed, etc.) for dying during the raid."

    So will be or NOT will be a death penalty? Because each WB has death penalty ...

    • 1

      level 1 Meii


      First of all, sorry for the confusion! Since this boss appears on a certain timeline on a certain date with Quint and Muraka, two bosses that come with no death penalties, we wanted to point out that Offin does come with a death penalty unlike these two. We changed the wording to help with better understanding. Thanks for pointing it out!

    • 0

      level 1 Shyany_BDO


      Thank you for your response :) .

  • 0

    level 1 Phartona

    Just wanted to point out that the boss spawns on friday in EU/NA
  • -1

    level 1 DeadlyPoison

    As I wrote here, dont be crazy for get this stupid main weap, IV or V Kzarka its always better.

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