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KR reacts to Lahn: Moderate AoE, but none of the Qing Gong action everyone was looking forward to!


A new class, Lahn, has been added to Black Desert Online KR. Once the Lahn was available for play, many BDO players chose to make a new Lahn character and showed a great speed in leveling; there was even a player who had successfully reached level 55 within 2 hours of her release.

Those who have actually played the Lahn tend to have different opinions about her depending on the game content. The Lahn has received great remarks on controlling resources during combat and her AoE attacks make her basic DPS quite powerful. On the other hand, many players complained about her lack of movement ability to defend her side or her long skill cooldown. Also, her Pendulum Waltz, the skill that lets Lahn glide in the air, has a long cooldown, which limits its actual usage.

However, many players praise the appearance of the Lahn, especially her common gear along with the Grunil set, since they look almost as amazing as Pearl Shop costumes once dyed with great colours. The following are KR player opinions on the Lahn:


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▶ The LB + Spacebar skill combo is easy and powerful so early grinding is real convenient.

▶ Pressing and not pressing Spacebar while pressing LB is so much stronger than using other skills.

- Agreed. I couldn’t find any other skills to replace this skill combo.

▶ But it gets boring after a while to grind using only mainly basic attacks.


▲ You won’t have any problem leveling using only Spacebar in certain situations-basic attacks in low-level grinding spots.


▶ The skill AoE seemed much narrower than it did in the video.

▶ Forward/backward movement ability didn’t seem that bad.

- Lahn has two types of forward dash things, ↑+F and ↑+RB, although ↑+F is mostly the main combo.
- Both skills do have Forward Guard but they don’t work if the skills are on cooldown.
- If you unlock the ↑+F skill to its Ultimate level, the forward movement ability becomes fairly alright.

▶ I hate how the Lahn has to roll because she doesn’t have any sideways movement abilities.

▶ I like how the ↓+F skill gives you Invincibility but its animation has separate moves and the distance moved is long so the skill combos keep getting interrupted.

▶ It’s better to use ↑+F to move forward at the targets then use the LB / F skill combos when grinding after hitting level 50.

- I agree with you. I use ↑+F to go forward then mainly use ↓+LB, ↓+F, LB+RB, etc afterward.


▶ The cooldown for Pendulum Waltz is too long. It takes 1 minute and 30 seconds at skill level 1, and even if you unlock it to the 3rd level, it still has a 1 minute-long cooldown.

▶ You can move a further distance if you unlock Flow: Pendulum Waltz, but its Flow skill has a 3 minute and 30 second-long cooldown.

▶ I was looking forward to amazing Qing Gong combat styles, but this is far, far from what I was expecting because the cooldown takes forever.

▶ Not only that, you can’t really jump over places like a cliff or over the river. The movement distance isn’t bad but you’d drop real quick.


▲ By using Pendulum Waltz, the Lahn can move a long distance with speed but has a very long cooldown.


▶ Wow, her armor looks great. I don’t think I’d need to buy any Pearl Shop costumes!

▶ Right, the designs for the Lahn’s armor are amazing. I would even believe it if someone told me her Grunil armor was a costume from the Pearl Shop.

▶ But that doesn’t mean her Pearl Shop costumes look weird. I tried dying it and it looks fantastic.


▲ The Grunil Armor set on Lahn (dyed).
▲ Lahn’s other costumes, including Zereth, have been getting praised as well.



Grinding Videos on Lahn


▲ 55Lv Lahn, Helms Post (AP 220 with Kutum)


▲ 55Lv Lahn, Bashim Base


▲ 55Lv Lahn, Bashim Base


▲ 56Lv Lahn, Sausan Garrison with LB combo (AP 223)


▲ 56Lv Lahn, Sausan Garrison with F combo (AP 223)


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