Lahn Template Compilation: Popular Lahn Templates from BDO KR

As of yesterday’s update, The Pre-Creation for the Lahn has begun in Black Desert Online KR. A lot of players are customizing their Lahns and the Beauty Album is already flooding with beautiful templates.

Below are some templates for the Lahn that KR players created. The Lahn is a priestess from a far eastern land, and many of the templates display oriental beauty.

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Created by 그랑펠 


Created by 녜아

Created by 달타냥이

Created by 댕댕이가좋아하는

Created by 만드리만들

Created by 북낙들

Created by 비밀의방

Created by 세인입니다

Created by 사히

Created by 요다영이

Created by 원더풀

Created by 크로아티아

Created by YuYenDuan

Created by 선견지명한

Created by 엠린

Created by 왜항상

Created by 창천룡가

Created by 천상의왕비

Created by corbulo

Created by deadrhino

Created by 리플루트

Created by 아이썸

Created by 묘생인생

Created by 사무치도록

Created by 카이레스


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    level 1 whatever

    Where these can be downloaded?

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    level 1 uriel157

    i want this one Created by 그랑펠 email:

  • 0

    level 1 NATTHPON

    he Can I get the template to Asiliu and 늇늇? email is please

  • 0

    level 1 SAMC

    Hi , can i get the template created by 그랑펠 ? email :

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    level 1 Tsugumikun

    hello, can you send me two templates?
    I want two of these 왜항상 and 비밀의방
    this is my email

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    level 1 AndraBagass

    Can you send it Created by 왜항상 and 비밀의방 to please?

  • 0

    level 1 cullen-the-boy

    Is there any way I could get the one created by YuYenDuan? Email:

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