An opportunity to get high quality accessories and Forest Fury! Manshaum Narc’s Stone, the boss summon scroll

Each area holds its own boss summon scroll in Black Desert Online - the Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll in Calpheon, Cartian Spell in Mediah, and Pila Fe Scroll in Desert areas. Kamasylvia also has a new summon scroll called Manshaum Narc’s Stone.

Manshaum Narc’s Stone is a boss summon scroll that can be created with Manshaum Voodoo Dolls, and it summons the boss called Narc Brishka. Unlike other summon scrolls, you cannot proceed with the quest when you are in a party, and the scroll summons only one boss monster.

Although you have no chance of looting the corpse, you will be able to get high-quality accessories or high priced item ingredients by summoning the boss and killing him.

As the boss is summoned with voodoo dolls, Narc Brishka uses the magic


Gathering Manshaum Voodoo Dolls in the Kamasylvia grinding spots is the first step

Upon using Manshaum Narc’s Stone, you receive the quest called [Solo] Narc Magic Sealing Stone and become able to take on the boss monster Narc Brishka. You need to combine 5 voodoo dolls in order to get Manshaum Narc’s Stone. The dolls are dropped in Kamasylvia grinding spots, and they can also be registered in the marketplace, thus they are not that difficult to find.

The quest can only be done solo, therefore you must not be in a party while doing the quest. Also, if you have already killed the boss while you have the quest, you need to complete it and receive the reward in order to summon the boss again.

Place 5 Manshaum Voodoo Dolls in a cross-shape and combine


The quest is available in all 5 cities - Use the stone in any nearby one

Use the right-click to use the Manshaum Narc’s Stone after you have crafted it with voodoo dolls. You can instantly check the objective marked on the world map automatically.

Unlike other summon scrolls, there are summon spots around each city - Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Grana, and Altinova, and summoning can take place in any of these locations. If you use the stone at a place that is not a proper summon spot, it will guide you to the closest place where the summon is available.


Evade AoE skills and block magic spells

Upon using Manshaum Narc’s Stone, the boss monster Narc Brishka is summoned. Also, monsters from Mirumok Ruins called Voraro continue to be summoned around Narc Brishka and attack the player. The fight takes about 4 minutes 30 seconds to 5 minutes using a Dark Knight with 210 Awakening AP and 226 DP.

The patterns are not difficult to evade as they are quite visible. The boss uses an AoE skill, and it marks the area on the ground before the actual spell hits, and you just need to step out of the area with an evasion skill. However, the frequency of AoE skills is quite high, thus you still need to be careful; do not use the evasion skill too much or deal damage without any consideration.

Narc Brishka sticks his staff in the ground, and the warning of him using the shield for casting the spell pops up on the screen. You need to break the shield within the given time in order to avoid heavy damage. All you need to do is ignore Voraro and keep attacking Narc Brishka.

The AoE skill marked on the ground, you need to evade as quick as possible
Narc Brishka casting a spell after sticking his staff in the ground


Profits with high-quality accessories Narc Ear Accessory and Forest Fury

Upon killing Narc Brishka, the quest is completed and the Black Spirit provides a reward bundle, combat exp, and skill exp. The combat exp increases by approximately 0.6 at level 58, 0.1 at level 60, and 0.0075 at level 61.

The corpse of Narc Brishka cannot be looted, thus the only profit earned by completing the quest is from Manshaum Narc’s Stone.

The reward bundle basically gives you items such as silver, Hunter’s Seal, Black Stone, Narc Magic Mark, and Peridot Petals. The Narc Magic Mark is not as profitable as it is traded at 8,000 silver, but the Peridot Petal is used for the Dream Horse and it is also tradeable.

You may also get Narc Ear Accessory at a very low chance. Narc Ear Accessory provides 5 AP with an effect of additional 3 AP against Kamasylvian races. The enhancement of this item adds DP and increases all three options of AP, DP, and the item effect. It is one of the high-quality accessories traded at 70 million silver in the marketplace.

The Narc Magic Sealing Stone Reward Bundle was modified on November 16 in the Korean Server - the bundle gives 2 to 4 Peridot Petals, and you have a chance to receive Forest Fury.

The reward of [Solo] Narc Magic Sealing Stone
10 Peridot Petals can be traded with a material used for the Dream Horse
An unexpected profit may be achieved with Forest Fury and Narc Ear Accessory

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