Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online Mystic Guide: Mystic/Female Striker Skill Add-Ons




The Mystic has 14 pre-Awakening skills that can have Skill add-ons. The skills are similar to those of the Striker.

Although the two classes share many skills, some skills are exclusive to the Mystic. For example, instead of Crimson Fang, the Mystic has a new skill to replace that. Knee Hammer also got replaced by another skill, and the Mystic does not have Wolf’s Fang or any other ranged skills. The Mystic also does not have Stalking Wolf, which was a chain skill after Knee Hammer.

Her Skill Add-ons have been adjusted to match her skills. Instead of Crimson Fang and Knee Hammer, the counterparts of the skills can be upgraded. Instead of Wolf’s Hunger, the Mystic can upgrade Wolf’s Cloud, a skill that replaces Wolf’s Hunger. The Mystic cannot upgrade Wolf’s Fang and Staking Wolf as she does not have the two skills, but she can upgrade her F skill instead.

The Striker and the Mystic are not very different, as they share many skills. It will be easier to play her if you have already played the Striker. Details on the Skill Add-ons for the Mystic are listed below.


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