Overwatch community concerned with cross-play, report region lock issues

Source: Blizzard


Cross-play has been a hot topic in the Overwatch community. Most outspoken players have voiced concerns with the skill levels of each platform and how that would impact gameplay. 


For console players, the concern has been keeping up with opponents on PC due to the controller's inability to accurately aim or turn as quickly as players can with a keyboard and mouse. PC players have voiced similar frustrations, not wanting to "carry" players that still can't keep up with aim assist. 


For now, the cross-play beta is only for quick play and arcade modes. That means ranked matches won't have cross-play between consoles and PC. This has taken some of the heat off of Blizzard's choice to add cross-play to Overwatch. But it still hasn't been as smooth as developers hoped for. 


Overwatch cross-play already creating issues for some players


The beta was just released on June 22 and players are already a bit frustrated with cross-play. But that isn't only due to the gaming community's ongoing console vs. PC war. Apparently some PC players have been experiencing "soft region locks" while others have been placed in lobbies across the globe. 


To make it easier for players to join up across platforms, the update includes a Global Friends List. This has removed the need for players to change regionals in order to group up with friends. This has resulted in groups being placed in regions that need players, creating a lack of regional selection for many players. 


Overwatch fans took to Blizzard's forums to discuss the issue. A lot of players from Europe explained to developers that they weren't able to intentionally queue on North American servers anymore even after selecting that region on Battle.net. 


High-ranked players were also noticing that they were no longer in their selected region without prior warning. Florida Mayhem streamer Jay3 noted that he was suddenly queued into a European server despite living in North America. Analyst Scott "Custa" Kennedy was sent to South Korean servers. 



A forum MVP said this was intentional "in order to accomodate matchmaking during low-peak times or at extreme ranks." Community manager John Nash also doubled down on this later in the day, stating that "individual regions no longer exist." 


This didn't sit right with players, especially high-ranked ones. Already frustrated with the thought of playing with a player on another system, now they had to deal with the regional lock and other issues. While Blizzard is currently working on this issue, it's left many players with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to cross-play in Overwatch. 

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