Tucker Roberts will be the keynote speaker at the Inven Global Esports Investment Summit 2020


Raising the bar

In 2018, Inven Global hosted the first Inven Global Esports Conference (IGEC). The idea was simple: we wanted to elevate esports in an authentic way that industry veterans and newcomers alike could benefit from.

With IGEC in its third year of production (look out for IGEC 2020 this May!), we have been looking for new ways to advance the esports industry. Everyone knows esports is a thriving market, but the details as to how and why can be hard to understand if you are new to gaming. In fact, many people in the esports industry would benefit greatly from learning about some of the most pressing questions interested investors are asking.

Why is NA esports revenue booming? What are the revenue streams that are successful across all of esports? What esports business plans have a real shot of surviving the next 5 years? What does a successful esports company pitch look like? 

Learning from both sides

Simply put, the working world of Investment has a lot to learn about esports, and the same is true in reverse. That is why the team at Inven Global has been hard at work preparing our first esports investment summit -- an event comprised of 150+ leaders, experts, and learners from the esports and investment industries.

To lead the day of panels, pitch competitions, food, drink and networking, Tucker Roberts, President of Spectator Gaming and Philadelphia Fusion will serve our keynote speaker! Roberts will be providing an esports market update through a series of questions created by Inven Global. We have worked with our network of investors to determine the most pressing investment realities both industries should be aware of going into 2020.

About Tucker Roberts

Tucker Roberts is the President of Comcast Spectacor’s Spectacor Gaming division and the company’s Philadelphia Fusion esports franchise that competes in the Overwatch League. In this role, Tucker is responsible for driving the sustained success of Comcast Spectacor’s esports business, as well as the Fusion’s day-to-day operations in Los Angeles.

Reporting directly to Comcast Spectacor Chairman and CEO Dave Scott, Tucker leads the organization’s strategic growth within the esports space. In 2019, Tucker advised the company’s expansion into global markets and League of Legends, the most popular esport in the world. In addition, Tucker has guided the creation of Fusion Arena in the Philadelphia Sports Complex, which will open its doors in 2021 and stand as the largest new construction, purpose-built esports arena in the Western Hemisphere.

Pitch contestShark Tank, but make it esports!

In addition to our panels, 6 esports companies seeking investment will pitch their company in front of all attendees and our Invest Committee shown below.

All interested esports companies looking to pitch can sign up here. All companies will first be vetted by Inven Global and our Investment Committee and applying does not guarantee a chance to pitch. Companies selected to pitch will be given advice and resources on how to pitch and what is needed to prepare.

Want to join us?

The Inven Global Investor Summit will also feature fireside chats with major finance CEOs, Investment Banker panels (learn exactly what they are looking for), private funding alternatives and more.

For more information about attending our summit either as a guest or potential sponsor, please visit our event website here:


We hope to see you on January, 21st!

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