TL CoreJJ on All-Star 2019, Worlds 2019, and Broxah joining the team for LCS 2020


Jo "CoreJJ"  Yong-in's appearance at the 2019 All-Star Event comes as no surprise. In his first full season with Team Liquid in the LCS, the South Korean Support won his first two North American domestic titles and was named the 2019 LCS Spring Split Most Valuable Player. 

CoreJJ joined Lara Lunardi at ASE2019 to share his initial thoughts on the event, Team Liquid's performance at the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, and TL's new Jungler Mads
"Broxah" Brock-Pedersen.


Photo by Riot Games


Today I’m joined by CoreJJ at All-Star 2019. How have you been since Worlds?

This is my first big break in a long time, so I’m just relaxing and having fun.




What is the difference between preparing yourself for Worlds and for All-Stars?

I almost left the stage during my 1v1 after I died the first time, but then I remembered about the new two death rule so I was like,
'Holy ****!' Overall, this event has been a lot of fun so far.

What is the atmosphere like in the players’ lounge? Are you able to chat with other players?

Yeah, it’s nothing special in terms of atmosphere, just a bit easier to relax when compared to a normal event. It’s really good to see the other Korean players. I’ve been catching up with them as they come into the lounge.

On a more serious topic, what are your thoughts on Team Liquid’s performance at Worlds 2019?

I thought that our preparation before Worlds was ideal, but the other teams were simply better than us. When we failed to execute our strategies at Worlds, it was hard to recover. I think next Worlds, we need to prepare more strategies in this case.

Are you excited about Broxah joining your team?

I haven’t seen him yet, but I really want to play with him.



Regarding next season, what do you think can help Team Liquid improve and potentially lead to a World Championship?

To win the World Championship next year, it doesn’t matter how well we play, as long as we play better than every other team there.

Is there anyone you are looking forward to playing against at All-Star 2019?

I don’t know...I already lost my first 1v1, so I can’t lose any other games for the rest of the tournament!

Is there anything you want to say to your fans that watched you at All-Star?

I’m always grateful for all the support and cheering from fans, so thank you. I love you.

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